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(WIP) Time Stops ~ Charlie Esser

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OOC - This will be my new Alt. for all those who care...

The story

Chapter I - The pocket watch

On a cold February night a man works over a table with his hand around a ball point pen. He looks over his work with a hand on his forehead wanting it all to go away. 

"What does this picture mean?" 

He says with a low and frustrated voice. He looks at the picture of a pocket watch, and under the picture there is a list of cities from all over the world. Some of the cities are in Europe, Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world.

"Perhaps this means the watch is in one of these cities... I wonder..."

He takes the paper into his hands and puts it into his briefcase. He flips the switch on his desk lamp and walks out of his office, and would never return.

eight years later...

After looking for years Charlie finally made it to a small country near Russia. The land was named South Zagoria. He looked everywhere for the pocket watch, but he never found it. He went all over the world looking for this watch, and he had become obsessed over it. He had traveled to London, Hong Kong, Berlin, Moscow, and many other places looking for the watch...

But one day he stumbled on a small house in the northern towns or Chernarus. The house was broken down and the windows let in large gust of wind that blew work papers around in a flurry. Charlie walked into the house, crushing broken glass under his boots and walked up to the old work desk in the corner of the room. He looked over to find old papers of designs for watches and clocks. The designs were very elaborate and involved a lot of writing in the native language. 

He opened the drawer to see a small pocket watch that matched the picture perfectly. He picked up the watch and opened it to see the watch was broken, or at least not moving. He let out a sigh and flicked the watch with his finger, and it moved from one to six o'clock. He looked at it with a confuse look and went back to the drawer. Inside there was a letter that said on the front in English.


"To whoever finds this watch."

He opened the letter to read a note from the maker of the watch...

Hello, this is the only time I will talk to you about this watch, and the only thing I can say is... This watch is cursed...

The watch moves only when it wants to move, and each time has a meaning...

One - Start a new...

Two - You will fall in love or someone else will fall in love with you...

Three - This is a magic number... and only magic things happen.

four - You're doing just fine... Everything is good...

five - The serpent's number... Some one has lied..

Six - Six feet under... Get out of that place...

Seven - Number of wisdom... Something will come to light...

Eight - You have to much... Get rid of something...

Nine - Number of power... You are in the lead...

Ten - Rebirth... Change your ways...

Eleven - Start a new forever... Death will come for you...

Twelve - High noon... It's time to fight...

Please be careful and now that you've seen the watch... It will never leave you alone...

Charlie puts down the pocket watch and and looks around... He then take the watch into his hands and leaves... Why would he leave the thing that he's been looking for... But he would not know that the watch would bring his own fears and hopes into play...

Chapter II (Part 1) - Time has all the answers...

Why does this have to happen to me... Someone who just wanted to find something... Why did I ever come to find this watch... Whats the point...

Charlie walked down the street of the town looking at all the houses. He looked at the playground and saw the swings rock in the wind and the sand blow off the bench of the sandbox. He walked up to the sandbox and lifted a handful of sand up to his face, and inspected the sand with a close eye. He let the sand go, and watched it scatter in the wind before falling back into place in the sandbox. 

"I... I don't understand why I'm still here... Should I leave this land and go somewhere else... But those walkers... those infected... They have to be everywhere... I'll just stay here in Chernarus... I hope the people here will accept me..."

Charlie walked down into the woods and observed the infected from a safe distance. He looked at them walk with nothing but dead eyes and a slow limp. He took out his rifle that he found over by a barn and took aim, but then he heard his watch. *Tick Tock* He put his rifle down and took out his watch. He flipped it open and watched the clock spin a few circles and stop on the number six. He took out his letter from the watch maker and looked at the meaning for six.

Six feet under... Get out of that place...


He looked around to see Infected walking toward him and they began to run. He picked up his rifle and started to run as well, looping in and out of trees to try and lose them, but they were committed to catch him. He took a sharp right up the hill and looked behind him to see what they had done. He watched them stumble and fall down the hill a little before giving up and walking off as if nothing had happened.  

The pocket watch... It saved him... There was no chance for him if the watch had not informed him of the danger, But how does this watch do this... A watch can't tell the future... A watch can't have answers for what will happen... 

Charlie walked up the hill toward a small camp. The camp had a soccer field and a well to drink from. He walked into the camp and slid down the wall of a cabin, and rested on the grass. He took out the watch and looked at it once more. The clock began to spin and this caught Charlie's eye. The clock spun to the number four.

Your doing just fine... Everything is good...

Charlie let out a sigh of relief and looked around the camp to see if anyone was still here. He put the watch back into his pocket and pushed himself up with his hands. With a sharp noise he heard the sound of gunfire down the hill from the town he had left. He jumped at the sound and span around pulling out his rifle. Charlie had never shot anyone before, but if he had to... He would.  He walked down the hill to see the town and he watched four people with fully automatic rifles walk through the town, mowing down any infected they came across. The sounds of there assault rifles popped Charlies ears as they went off. He pulled out his watch once more waiting for a response. The clock switched from four to six in a heart beat. He looked at the watch with wide eyes, and remembered the last time the watch went to six... He had to get out of there.

He watched the men look around and they spot him he made eye contact with them and he got up and sprinted off toward the camp. He looked around to see the men were following him so he darted off into the woods. The men arrived in the camp and looked around, checking the trashcans and under broken cars. They looked around and spoke in the native language. They seemed frustrated and they started to give up. They kicked a trashcan over and yelled at each other and ran off down towards the town again. These men they seemed to be hostile... What about the other men around the land... Would they be the same...

Chapter II (Part 2) - Time has all the answer...

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Mercy    508

Oh this is interesting ::D

10/10 loving it especially the pocket watch

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Oh this is interesting ::D

10/10 loving it especially the pocket watch

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the pocket watch :D

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Added Chapter 2 (Part 1)

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