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Journal Entry #4 - Alek Tokariwski

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Wednesday, March 9th.

        So, I finally have all my stuff packed for my departure tonight, I have an abundance of food, water, my cooking kit and ammunition. I have written small note for Vinnie to discover after I leave along with a gift, which is a fresh steak. I have gone over my decision many time, and I still think I should go, I think I might find more friends, better connections and maybe woman. I left the rest of my stuff to them which consists of my Cz.61, my MP5, my AKM, my tent and my Chainsaw, and I hope they put to good use, as I can't take with. I am leaving cause mainly I don't fit in, not having good English, and I am not able to kill man or woman. I do believe they will do better without me, as I was held ransom before and wasted their time to find me, I'm just a nuisance if thats what is called.

        I plan on heading south, to area around Zelenorgorsk. It seems like good place for further hunting, since I found herd of cows with friends yesterday. I plan on meeting fellow hunter there, to exchange tips and strategies on hunting. I hope to meet many people and create many bonds during further travels. I will miss Vinnie and the New World Mafia very much, I just don't belong and I am in much danger sometimes. I might meet up with them sometime in future, but I will remain as associate. I wish best luck to New World Mafia, and may they be very successful with business, and the best of luck to Vinnie, a very good friend of mine, I will miss him the most.. He was and still be brother to me.


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