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Liam Fisher: Dreams & Memories of "Her" (Part 1)

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An atmosphere of pure darkness embraced us. It was the usual one, us sitting back to back just talking. The location would change from time to time. Sometimes we'd be sitting on a hill somewhere under the dazzling night sky, sometimes it was a ship out at sea, maybe a beach, a desert, a moving train, back of a pick-up truck, or even a cloud in the sky. 

The worst one however, was the prison cell. It was the one where she would ask the same question, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.....


[align=left]"Why Liam?" 

[align=left]She'd ask. Her callous and nihilistic tone would make my blood run cold. 

[align=left]"Why did you do it?" 

[align=left]To this day her answer is still met with silence. Two years after she had first asked me that question and I still haven't come up with a suitable answer. Mainly because I try not to think about it. Thinking about it won't benefit my survival nor will it change anything, the damage was done. This girl, the girl who had chosen me of all people to be her best friend, the girl who showed me how to live free, who opened up my eyes to the world, the girl who offered me her eternal trust in a bond that, at the time, seemed like it could never be broken. Together we took on the world, nothing could stop us. We were a deadly duo that would take on any challenge life threw at us, all the while giving the world a big fat middle finger. 


[align=left]I sold her sold her soul away........I had not only broken the bond we shared as if we were brother and sister, but I had shatter the light within her that made her so beautiful. The light had faded from her when I had made that fateful decision. I could see it in her dark brown eyes, the spark dwindle away. I had sold her soul. My best friend. Her name was....



Chapter 1


[align=left]Wake up, go to school, eat, play video games, eat some more, sleep, repeat. My life in a nutshell. I never really had a particular reason to care about other people. Mainly because other people never really cared about me. It's not like I hated being alone all the time, in fact, after a while I kind of just got used to it. I stopped caring a long time ago. Being invisible was my thing I guess. During lunch you'd find me sitting in the back corner of the cafeteria reading a book or playing a game on my phone. Sometimes, however, I'd just sit there and watch people, listen in on other people's conversations just for the hell of it. None of it was really that interesting though, just typical High School bullshit. People could argue and say that my old life was stale and boring and nowadays I would agree with them, but back then, I was more than satisfied living in my own isolated little bubble.

[align=left]I remember clear as yesterday, I was sitting in the back of the cafeteria buried into one of my comic books. Immersing myself into the fantasy, until I felt my table shift and the screech of the chair across from me being pulled back invaded my eardrums with the unwelcoming message of another human being's presence. My heart rate picked up a bit as I lowered the comic book from my face to see a sort of Latino looking girl with frizzy dark hair hanging out of the pulled over hood of her jacket, settling down before me. She had a quizzical look on her face as she leaned back in her chair with her arms crossed, her chocolate brown eyes scanning me up and down. She frowned.

[align=left]"The fuck are you doing just sitting here by yourself?" She asked.

[align=left]"Uuum....just sitting here reading." I awkwardly chuckled.

[align=left]"Oh really?" She leaned forward in her seat with a facade of interest on her face, resting her chin upon her clasped hands. "And what could you be reading that has so immensely captivated your interested?" 

[align=left]I dog-eared the page I was on in my comic book and presented the cover to her. She leaned forward a bit more, squinting.


[align=left]I began to explain, "It's The Adventures of Tom Str-"

[align=left]Before I could finish what I was saying she snatched the book right at out of my hands.

[align=left]"HEY! WHAT THE HELL!?"

[align=left]She examined the comic book closely and flipped through some of the pages. I hoped to god that she didn't try and tear it apart or something. I had only just begun reading it today. She seemed disinterested in it and tossed it back over to me. I fumbled with it before it fell out of my hands onto the floor. I quickly retrieved it.

[align=left]"BORING!" She exclaimed. "Instead of reading about an adventure why not actually get up off your ass and go find one?"

[align=left]"Uuuuuummm.....I-I don't....I don't know?" I was a bit taken aback by her question. What the hell was she talking about? I may have been overthinking the question, but regardless my main concern was what she was going to do. I didn't even know this chicks name and already I've decided that she's a crazy bitch.

[align=left]She sighed and hung her head down, disappointed, letting out a light chuckle. "Jesus Christ, you're pathetic."

[align=left]With what little social skills I had I couldn't really think of a suitable rebuttal, but nevertheless, I did express my distaste.

[align=left]"I don't even know who the fuck you are! Why are you talking to me?!" 

[align=left]The futile amount of confidence I possessed within me shattered as she stood up from her seat, and with a smirk stood as straight and tall as a soldier extending her right arm out to point directly at my face.

[align=left]"BECAUSE SIMPLETON!" She shouted. The kids around us all went silent and focused their attention on the crazy chick pointing at the confused introverted 16 year old boy. "I, REGINA MARTINEZ, HAVE CHOSEN YOU TO BE MY LOYAL SIDEKICK!"

[align=left]The kids around us began snickering. Never in my life have so many eyes been focused towards me. I froze in place, I was at my wit's end. I literally had no idea how to handle a situation like this. How the hell was I suppose to know that some crazy chick was gonna pick on me today, and on top of all that, the first time a relatively nice looking girl decides to talk to me and she's a total bitch. 

[align=left]It's gonna be one of those days I guess.



[align=left]Liam was startled awake as he felt a medium sized polymer object connect with his face in such a way that he scrambled out of his bed landing face first on the hard wood floor of the cabin. He sat up and darted his head around like an alert pigeon until his eyes rested on a silhouetted figure of someone in the other bed next to his. 

[align=left]"Michale?" He questioned. "The fuck did you throw at me?"

[align=left]Without saying a word he reached for his UMP-45 resting at the side of his bed and pointed to the magazine. 

[align=left]"Why the fuck would you throw that at me?"

[align=left]"Because you were talking in your sleep again Liam." He explained. "Plus, one of those freaks wandered into town again. Can you go take care of it?"

[align=left]"I guess it's my turn isn't it?"

[align=left]"Yes, it is." A hint of agitation could be heard in his tone of voice. "Just go kill the damn thing so I can actually get some sleep for once in my fucking life." 

[align=left]He tossed me his pistol suppressor. "Noise discipline." He said. "Don't need more of them showing up."

[align=left]Liam took a moment to calm his breathing. He was honestly starting to get sick of having the same dreams over and over again. He couldn't believe that he was actually starting to loath going to sleep. A precious commodity in these times. It was as if the more he tried to forget about what he'd done to her the more she would appear, still asking the same menacing question that felt like someone was drilling into his skull. 

[align=left]"Why did you do this to me Liam?"


Liam sighed as he reached for his pistol on the nightstand, attaching the suppressor. He didn't throw much clothes on, just a pair of pants and his boots, leaving his tank-top on. He stepped out into the chilling night, immediately spotting the infected man stumbling around the apple trees near Pablo's barn. His moans and growls echoing throughout the town of Sinistok. As Liam approached the dead man he couldn't help, but chuckle to himself. The guy had a huge limp, essentially dragging a dead leg along with him and would occasionally fall over with a satisfying *flump* sound. 

Liam hopped the low wooden fence into the apple orchard giggling like a mad hyena. There's was nothing that cheered him up more than a blasting Zed-Head into paste. 

"Hey pal, you lost or somethin'?" The Infected man turned his attention to Liam. It's lifeless grey eyes glinting in the moonlight. It staggered towards him, limping as fast as it could.

Liam couldn't help, but smirk as he took aim. "Here, let me point you in the right direction."



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If only Hope knew... Oh no :D

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Captivating from the first sentence! At first you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. Very well written. Gonna be looking for more!

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This was a really good read, I can't wait for more, please keep this going mate! :D

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