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Message for Lucky.....it's time [Open Frequency]

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Chaostica    143

*only the sounds of birds singing at a distance can be heard through the radio for a moment before a soft, female voice begins to speak after a barely heard sigh*

I'm coming to see you Lucky.....we have things that need to be.....discussed.  Things I need to.....

*a short pause is heard and the voice transmits again, sounding slightly odd almost like the person were holding back their disgust*

take care of personally.....and things......

*another pause then a quiet laugh is heard for a moment, the voice returns sounding more melodic then before*

things that I.....want to do a little 'poking' into.....see you soon Lucky.....

*the transmission ends on the final note of that last word, for it was said in a sing song voice*

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