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[open frequency] Evo Fight's Broadcast

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* Evo receives a walkie talkie message and writes down what's said, he pulls the microphone across the desk and taps the button of the front of the transmitter. *

Hello. Everyone out there thank you for listening. I have just received word from my boys that the first of many Evo Fight tournaments has been successful. For those of you who don't already know, we host a business. Not just any old usual fight club for blood and trade. A safe community promoting health, protection and entertainment for all. You do not need to struggle for survival every day we can make this place safe again!

* He coughs and smiles*

We have helped many people across the land, we feed the hungry, we give drink to the thirsty, we are armed and will protect those in need. If you are travelling alone, struggling for food or need protection we can give you what you need if you are willing to fight.

Zakhaev is the name you will be hearing all about as today's champion, qualifying for the main event to be held at a secret location - tba!

The results from today held in Stary are...

* He clears his throat *

The first fight saw Jeremie versus Bobby, Jeremie kicked Bobby's ass, but Bobby is a tough nut, he'll be back for more.

Next was Brysen versus Elias, I heard a roumer that Brysen tried to eat the other guy during the fight (strange tactics but it worked for him), Elias submitted to defeat before too long.

In fight three. Zakhaev, my man, versus Karto-whatever... Zakhaev almost killed him with one punch. He took a while to come around but we took good care of him, he is speaking again, I think!

To finish the first round Magnus took on one of our organisers, Scott. Magnus put up a fight but was no match for Scott who knocked him down after a brace of hits.

* There is a long pause *

Thats round one done now onto the Semi-finals, Jeremie winner of the first ever Evo fight took on Brysen (you remember that freak who tried to eat someone) and well it didn't go so well for him this time. Blood was pouring from both fighters before Brysen knocked him down with a heavy blow to the face!

In the other half Zakhaev took on Scott, this battle raged on for some time until Zakhaev got the better of him, Scott will not live this down for some time.

Provisions of food and water was passed around all of the losing contenders (and spectators) to ensure everyone was well fed and watered, ready for the final fight.

Brysen and Zakhaev... This one didn't last very long, both fighters were tired. Zakhaev dug from the bottom of the barrel and scrambled to victory.

* He gathers his breath and speaks seriously *

As my boys head west looking for new fighters and people wanting a safe travelling community we will be stopping off in Kabanino next. Come on down in 3 days time and join us, the event will start around midday and everyone is welcome.

To those of you who lost today, remember you are under our protection and are contracted to two more fights, good luck!

Evo Fight's is signing off for now

* Evo releases the transmission button and sits back in his chair *

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