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Jack the Ripper

I will find you (Open)

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*Ivan drums the table beside him, growing more and more agitated the longer he thought about it. He wanted to find that man, but his presence continued to elude him. His frustration was growing inside him, gripping at him like a tumor. Over the past months it had been eating at him. Where was he? Ivan bangs his hand against the table and picks up his radio. He was sick of it, he needed to speak. He presses down on the transmit button and speaks in a harsh voice.*

"Too long. I have been in this shithole for months.... tolerating it. The smell, the sleepless nights, the people, the VOICE in my ear.... constantly.... in my fucking ear....

I've been tolerating it. Trying to be a good boy. Trying not to provoke .... Trying to keep myself alive, long enough to find you.

Months it has been since we last spoke, and I've only heard your voice once, on my deathbed, through a radio, unable to reply due to the FUCKING HOLE IN MY THROAT!!!"

*Ivan stands, toppling the chair, his free hand clenched so hard that his nails pierced his skin, and red dripped from his fingers.*

"And what happens when I wake? No matter where I look, you aren't there. No matter whom I ask, they haven't seen nor heard of you. No matter how many strings I pull, not ONE FUCKING HINT, AS TO WHERE YOU ARE HIDING!!!"

*Ivan punches the stone wall, splitting the skin on his knuckles.*

"And yet.... and yet I still search. Every house, every tower, every cabin, ever shed. Behind each tree, and each rock. From each corner of this hellhole to the next I search. And I will keep searching. I will do WHATEVER it takes, to have as many eyes and ears as I possibly can, I will look everywhere I already have, as many times as I must.

If I've been forced to continue to walk this wretched Earth.... then by the grace of whatever forces are keeping me here, I WILL FIND YOU!!!

And when I do.... oooh.... oooh ho ho ho.... You know I was gonna make it quick. I just wanted you gone, finished. But now, I've taken my time trying to find you so I'm going to take my FUCKING TIME, to end you!"

*Ivan swallows hard before going on.*

"You know who you are. You know what you've done. And you know I won't stop. So fucking brace yourself you blood-drinking shit, because I'll be sure to drown you in your precious essence. And if that bitch is with you I SWEAR TO CHRIST I'LL DROWN HER TOO!!!"

*Ivan picks up his chair and sits back down, breathing heavily. His next words are calmer, apologetic.*

"Sorry.... to anyone that had to hear that. It's aaah....difficult to get a hold of someone privately these day, you know?

But to those of you who want to bitch about being woken up, do yourselves a favor and evolve, catch up with the rest of our species, and learn to turn off your radio before you go to sleep."

*Ivan switches his radio off and carelessly tosses it to the side, exhausted. He slumps back in his chair, staring at the ceiling. He was shocked at his own outburst, but also somewhat relieved.*

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