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Leonard Church

Calling you 7<Private frequency to 7>

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Leonard sets aside his old torn mask that was once full of color, he begins to sip on some whiskey as he watches the sunset. He picks up his radio and flips it around to see a preserved channel for an old friend.

7.. It has been quite some time since we have associated*Lets out a chuckle* you have not forgot about your favorite spy have ya. I wish to meet you in a set date of you choice free of any inconvenience to speak of some matters.

*Lets go of the button then continues to watch the sun in silence*

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-Finnr sits behind a nice wooden table while putting some order in a couple of files he hadn't read in a very long time when suddenly the radio flicks on and he hears a very familiar voice. He was an inch away from turning of the radio but he decided to let the man speak. He took a deep breath and hung back on the half broken chair. He wondered wether or not he should say something, wether or not he owed the man an answer. about 5 to 10 minutes passed and he still wasn't certain. But yet he clicked it on.-

Have you not heard? 7 doesn't exist any longer it's but a very old number. Exodus 20:10 you'd be wise to look in to that.

I am but a man and so are you... you would be wise to let the past sleep and go back to Hollywood.

Dont bring out the demon

Goodnight Sir.

-Finnr clicks off the PTT and continues the work with the files-

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Leonard leans against the side rail and hears a response back he reaches in his back pocket to grabs the radio.

I do not wish to talk of the past.. I just simply want advice on the matters of leading people. As you know your past was interconnected with mine and you lead me in various tasks. You were the head of our secret organization and what went down was commanded by you or suggested by you. All i ask is mere words something that could point me in the right direction. A way to let people unite as one force that could reach a higher goal then one person could ever dream of reaching, I know what needs to be done to survive but you need people to listen. And hollywood? we got chased out by those masked savages. We now live in the shadows until we can find anything to call home.

Church out

*Puts the radio back in the bad a walks back down the dirt road*

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-Finnr clicks on the radio-

Advise? For leading? Man , you want the Trust to unite? grow back together? I've monitored the chatter.

The Trust is broken wanna know why? Cause it no longer Trust's eachother.

Leadership is gone..... Everything from it is gone..... If you want to pull them back together and unite them... Than you will have to do it from within your own power, from your own mentality and not because someone forced it upon you and you didnt take it as much. Thats what led to the fall of it all in the first place. Make it family again.

-Finnr clicks off the radio-

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