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DayZ Issues

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I'm having some issues starting up my game. For some reason, after I see the splash art before the main menu, it black screens for the longest time. As well as when I alt tab, my game doesn't really crash, but it shows my desktop instead of the game. The interactive mouse can be shown along with the in game volume, but I can't click on anything at all.

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I actually haven't heard of this happening before.

Make sure you do all the general stuff (delete config and verify cache and all that) and perhaps try to run it in a window, it could be a problem with fullscreen or your PC not being able to handle the current settings, although that is unlikely.

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Yes, like Asriel said I can't say I've heard of such a thing before.

Verify your game cache and I actually have a few questions for you:

1. Do you have any launch parameters (specifically winxp) enabled?

2. What are your PC's specs?

3. Does this happen with any other game?

Keep us posted. ;)


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Try to type these two statements into your launch parameters.

-skipIntro -noSplash

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We did it! Turns out his drivers needed updating. Once we got that out of the way it worked.

So if anyone is experiencing the same issues make sure to give it a try.


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