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Dear Sara.[Private Frequency]

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*Michael jogs down the road, he stops suddenly remembering he should probably leave Sara a message, he fumbles through the pockets of his vest and grabs out his radio, making sure he's on his private frequency, he then continues to hold down the PTT button beginning to speak in Chernarussian*

'Dobry noc, I don't mean to...uuuhhhhh.. disturb you Sara....just wanted to let you know I've moved out from the house, I'm around the camp, if you need me, or just get me on the radio.'

*The frequency goes silent as he releases the PTT button, he then places his radio back into one of the many pouches on his vest and continues on his way.*

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*Sara look at her radio almost confused. This was the first time in many months someone radioed her. She smiled pressing on the PTT button speaking Chernarussian*

"Dobrý den, můj přítel. Thank you for tell me where you went. I was worried when I found you gone when I woke. I need to go hunting but I will radio if I need help. I hope to see you soon."

[align=left]*Sara release the button and grabs her gun.*

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