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The Gary Johnson Story

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Hello people hope everything is going ok in this hell hole.

Well were to begin.... My name is Gary Johnson and i come from a small town north east of Manchester, England.

I'm 26 years old and before all hell broke lose i was a cameraman for the BBC.

It was my first day on the job, i had a phone call off Mark Davidson telling me to pack my suitcase and meet up with him at 0700. I went to Mark's house and was there for about 5 minutes before an army truck pulled up outside his house, i asked him what was going on and he just told me that the biggest story every was unfolding in a place called Chernarus and that we were being deployed there to cover the story. I kept on asking Mark what the story was but he kept telling me just wait till we get there.

As soon as we landed we drove to a town called Novoselky just north of the regional capitol of Chernogorsk for a interview with Dr. Carrie Ross at an MSF treatment center. Just as we were finishing gunshots can be heard and Mark tells me to cut the camera off. As soon as the camera cut off we jumped into a military truck heading to Chernogorsk to go to the UN headquarters. We were there for about 2 hours and then next thing we know a plane hit into the UN headquarters, after all the carnage me and Mark were put into separate army hummers and told we were being evacuated to the coast, while driving up the coast a woman runs into the middle of the road, our driver swerves to avoid her but goes right into a tree killing himself and the other passengers, luckily i survived crawled out and thats where my hell begins......

(I posted this in the Introduction and Farewell forum just gunna post this here aswel)

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