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Has anyone seen this item? [OPEN]

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*Viktor sits down against the wall, breathing slowly, sitting the radio down next to him, transmitting*

"Has anyone seen an Fn45 recently? I lost mine when I came to this fucking country. Bloody laws. I'd be willing to pay a good amount for one, and even better if it has mags. I'm also looking for a business partner of sorts. You can contact me on this frequency.

*The radio cuts out abruptly*

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*Wallace Chuckles at the man begging on the radio*

"How do people like this survive this long" *he mumbles to himself sifting through the dead mans pockets before him, He spots an FNX in the mans holster,  He takes it and walks over to the pond and throws it in*

*he presses down on his radio transmission button*

"Theres on in Kab pond, Go fetch it" 

*He releases the button and puts his radio away, grabbing the body by the legs and tossing it into the pond*

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