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Jowad Berekdar

To those who are new to this [Open Freq.]

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*Fred sighs, as he examines his empty water bottle. He was well hydrated, but that wasn't going to last for long. Recalling all the different calls for help, greetings, and farewells he had heard over the radio, he decided it was worth putting some effort to help anyone out there who had not yet gotten used to this daunting lifestyle. He shifts in his place, picks up his radio, and begins the transmission*

"Uhh...*sigh*...I fucking hate being the one to start a conversation. Makes me feel awkward. Anyhow, this isnt about me. *Clears throat* This here is meant for anyone out there who has not yet completely adapted to this demanding lifestyle, or are still struggling with the fundamentals of it. I have heard my fair share of people begging for help over the radio, because they couldn't help themselves. They didn't know what to do. And honestly, I dont blame them..."

*Thoughts of a recent incident over the radio swept over him. He shook them off, not wanting to loose his composure*

"If you are that kind of person, then I urge you to listen. This is going to be boring and factual, and hopefully short, but I believe it is necessary...

*Fred clears his throat*

"OK. First things first: Water, Food, and Shelter. In that order, ok? Water is a priority, but is relatively easy to access due to abundance of wells and lakes. Food usually comes in the form of anything people have left behind in their homes, and shelter is anything that protects you from the sun, wind, rain, and cold...Oh, lake water should only be a last resort, and be sure to use some chlorine tablets to purify the water before drinking."

*Fred looks up, recollecting his thoughts*

"Next up is A WEAPON. I cannot emphasize on how important this part is these days. Because of the ongoing...crisis, a weapon must be capable of killing a full grown human, usually via head trauma. Baseball bats, pipes, or anything sharp. However, soon you will realize that this is not enough, which is why I advise you to keep your eyes open for FIREARMS. I'm not gonna go into detail on how to use a firearm and what round fits what barrel, so good luck with that."

*Fred smiles as he reaches his final topic, and looks down at his left foot, remembering the time he had injured it badly, but was able to fix it up*

"FINALLY, you need to be able to perform first aid. First aid includes: How to bandage a wound. How to treat a fracture or a broken bone. How to give yourself a shot of Morphine or Adrenaline. And how to identify signs of disease. I will not go into detail on that either, feel free to ask me via radio or in person, and I will explain it as much as I can."

*Fred sighs. This turned out longer than he had expected.*

"Before I end, let me list items you NEED on you: Bandages or rags of any form, as long as they absorb blood. A sharp tool, such as a knife or ax. A morphine injector. Charcoal tabs. Water purification tabs or drops. A source of light. A firearm with more than ten rounds of ammo. The radio you are listening to this through. That's pretty much it. Holler if you need any advice"

*Fred ends the transmission*

*Fred realizes that he has missed a small detail*

"Oh, and regarding the infected: They die just like a normal human would, and treat them like so, if a bit tougher. Keep low, quiet, and out of their line of sight, and you should be ok"

*Fred ends the transmission*

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Marcunt    218


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*Charlie hears the man's transmission and frowns a little at first before a small smile starts to creep across his face. When the man finishes his broadcast, he transmits the following*

Well thanks for the tip buddy! I'm sure it will help all the er.....'new' survivors....

Speaking of which, while I can appreciate the gesture, I think that most people alive these days should know these very basic survival skills. I mean, if you don't know that water is a priority and where to find it, then you'd probably have died around about one year ago...

So while you said that you couldn't be bothered to go into detail about the types of Firearms and their specific ammunition, it may actually be worth it as that is one thing that I'm sure many people, myself included, woud like to know. I can only recognise bullets by their size and colour, rather than by their calibre

*He pauses for a few seconds, hoping he hasn't offended the man*

But it's good to know there are still some of the 'good guys' out there. It seems there aren't many of us left these days...

*Charlie sighs before releasing the PTT button and putting the radio on the ground beside his makeshift tent, listening for anymore broadcasts*

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The Marshal    351

John depresses the PTT on his radio.

"And here come my specialty. Short cylindrical rounds with rounded bullets are usually handgun cartridges, the type of caliber is printed on the bottom face of the bullet. .380, 9x19 millimeter, .45 acp, and so on. The caliber of most handguns is stamped into the left side of the barrel or slide.

Rifle cartridges are long, and normally bottlenecked. The bullets are pointy, and they are labeled the same way. The caliber for rifles is normally stamped on the left side of the barrel or the receiver close to the magazine well. Match bullet to markings. And of course... bullets go in facing forward..."

"Shotgun shells are obvious. Brass bit is the back of the shell, so the plastic end faces the front of the gun. Lead it into the tube backwards and you'll need to strip the gun apart to fix your problem."

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*Fred hears the reply, and picks up the radio*

"Hmmm...I guess I can help a bit regarding ammo. I'm most familiar with hunting calibers, those being the .300, .308, 30-06, 7.62, and the classic 9-mil, .45, and .22. Outisde that range, I don't think I can help much. I can't identify a caliber by sight -unless it's one of those I just stated- but I believe I can tell you the caliber a certain weapon uses."

*Fred smiles*

"I'm sure the good guys are out there, but they know how the world is so they keep to themselves"

*The transmission ends*

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*Charlie grins as he hears the replies over the radio and instantly responds with the following*

Well I'll be damned...To the unknown fella talking about bullet calibre and ammunition I take my hat off to you. I wrote down everything you wrote and I'm sure it will help other survivors to no end.

*Charlie pauses and smiles slightly, looking up at the rising Sun*

Well boys, you've definitely restored my faith in humanity. Outside of my little group of friends, it's good to know that not everyone is fucking crazy!

*He laughs before releasing the PTT button and settling down to relax in the midday Sun*

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Jack the Ripper    252

*Ivan listens for a while before smiling to himself. It was good to see people trying to turn people into better survivors. And yet, he felt obligated to include his two cents worth. He holds down the transmit button and begins to speak.*

"Well, that's all very good advice. You'd be surprised at the amount of people I've come across, that waddle around like blundering idiots, not knowing what the hell they're doing. I'm surprised so many of them have made it this far.

However, you've forgotten an important chapter in your little guide, regarding the various threats of the land, and how to react to them.

You managed to cover food, water and ammunition types, you may also want to have some warm clothes, something to cut wood with, and a box of matches. Cold can kill you just as soon as the infected.

The infected are.... stupid, drooling parasites that are dangerous, yes, but also highly predictable. They will usually make a beeline to the nearest meal, very rarely stray off track. This makes it easy to evade or kill them. Be wary however, as they are capable of short bursts of extreme speed, and they can sometimes hit like a fucking hammer. Other than that, they tend to have poor stamina, so out-maneuvering them is easy.

But.... It takes more than a gun or an axe to stop them. You have to be mentally prepared to kill. I say this because some people have an unfortunate tendency to hesitate, simply because these things are still, technically, human beings. You have to drop that mindset, you have to get go of your uncertainty. Just...." 

*Ivan clenches his teeth and grips the radio tighter, there is a small about of pain in his next words.* 

"Point your gun.... and shoot."

*There is a short silence as Ivan looks at the floor between his feet. He gathers himself and starts talking again, his voice level and controlled.*

"The infected are far from the most dangerous threat though. People, are far more dangerous. Less predictable, cunning, and armed just as heavily as you, some will kill you just for the sport of it. Now you have to truly ask yourself....

How much do you value your life?

Are you willing to do what is absolutely necessary to keep on living? Are you prepared to kill a fellow human being?

Some people cling to their morals as if it will protect them, as if it will help them retain there humanity. What good is humanity, when you're dead? Morality is a human construct. It suppresses our very nature. You have to understand that, you have to let go, if you want to last out there.

If you want to keep going, you have understand that there is no rebuilding, there is no green grass on the far side. The world is blackened and cruel, and sometimes, you have to be just as cruel to pull through the day.

Everyone is an enemy, and you have to learn to anticipate peoples actions. You have to learn to read people, learn to say the right words or preform the right action, because it may mean the difference between leaving the situation with or without your pack, your teeth, or your life.

Like I said.... the cold can kill you just as soon as the infected will. And I'm not talking about the weather. People are cold and brutal, more-so than before.

Oh, and one more thing. Be sure to grab a compass and a map. Knowing the lay of the land can be invaluable in these times. But whatever you do.... never, ever, stray too far North. Not unless you're strong enough to take it."

*Ivan switches his radio off, and places it on the table beside him. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, wondering if anyone will be smart enough to consider his warning.*

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*Fred hears the other person pitch in with his own good advice, and he listens till the end. However, he frowns slightly at the man's last statement*

"Umm...whats going on in the Far North if you dont mind me asking? I tend to frequent it myself, as I find it really peaceful. I've actually never seen anyone up there, despite the many times I've been there."

"So, whats the North's dark secret?"

*Fred puts the radio down, hoping for a response*

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