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DayZ Hunting Backpack For Sale

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Zero    454

So I was looking for a backpack for hunting, camping, and SHTF scenario and decided I might want to have something similar to the hunting backpack from DayZ, I ended up finding something very, very similar to it on Amazon. Of course, I found other places with similar designs as well, but they're mostly Europe based sites and wouldn't ship to the U.S.

I thought I would share it if anyone else might be interested in owning one. 


And here's the one for those in the U.K. 


If this belongs in another section, feel free to move it, I considered it DayZ topic related, so. 

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Jamie    1418

/Moved to Off-topic.

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Autumn    127

Regardless of it needing to be in off-topic. I actually use one of these as my book rucksack at Uni. It's a different brand and it's brown. But in all honesty, it's practical and durable as a design.

Keep in mind it's difficult to find one that looks exactly like the one in-game.

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