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Word of the Pumpkin King (open channel)

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"Hello Chernarus, been some time since i last cluttered your airwaves. I try only to do it when its important and all my little strings have been severed so i think this would count."

*Ami takes a deep breath and exhales slowly before continuing*

"I need your help finding someone. I do not know if he is alive or dead but I know that I am not the only one that wanted to find him. A lot of you seem to hate and fear him and I have heard the stories of what he has done since I left. Last I heard you called him the Pumpkin King. I need to know what happened to him.

*leans her head back against the wall.*

"Darion, if you can hear me. It's your old friend. We need to talk..."

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  *After being handed the radio Darion heads to take a walk in the forest and listen to the rest of the radio transmission*

" You have called, and so the king has answered. "

" What can I do for you old friend? "

" Ill be listening.... "

  " Darion briefly stops and lights one of the Newport's he had been saving and then continues his walk  " 

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Eli picks up his radio as he recognizes the voices pressing the PTT

-Holly shit, that's two voices I've not herd in a LONG time, Ami where is Rains and the rest the gang at?

AND DARIAN, where the hell you been? To good to tell a friend bye?

Eli chuckles a bit

-We need to meet up... got some catching up to do.

Eli ends his transmission

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As the night dragged on, Seymour had slipped down an embankment and into a rocky ditch. He spent three or four minutes moving sharp rocks out of the wall of the ditch, then laid his rain jacket down before pressing his back against it. He slumped down onto his rump, and sat there for a long while, delirious with exhaustion.

He held his radio loosely in his free hand while keeping his right hand firmly on the grip of his newly acquired UMP. He worked the knob on the radio with his thumb, scrolling through broadcasts until he heard the voice of the Pumpkin King. It startled him, despite Darion's generally cool voice. 

"Speak of the devil..." Seymour whispered to himself. He kept the frequency dialed in, and sat there in the wet, cold ditch listening to the chatter. He kept his mouth shut, and his finger off the transmitter.

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A panting, Chernarussian female's voice would come over the radio.

"T-t-this is funny, P-pumpkin King...I-I was just trying t-to s-s-summon you."


A small chuckle could be heard, before the sound of blowing, and eventually the sound of roaring flames.

"Have y-y-you come to take y-your throne w-with the W-weeping Queen, or w-w-will you be taking a new queen?"


Her fingers tapped against the speaker while she held down the PTT button, causing loud thuds to sound off before she spoke again.


"A-a new queen w-will n-n-need a n-new ritual."


A silence would hold on the radio, before she spoke again in a rather excited voice. 

"Oh! I-It is nice hearing y-y-you again, Miss Ami!"


Hedvika would click her radio abruptly off, ending the transmission.

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"As i live and breathe, my old Darion lives as well. You are a hard one to track down with all my contacts dried up."

Ami pauses for a few moments before clicking her radio again.

"I have been hearing stories of you hun. After all my attempts to keep you in line, you just keep getting worse and worse. We need to meet. I'm heading home to miroslavl, business i have to wrap up, but when get back we need to speak about what you've done. About what you've become.

She presses the radio to her head for a moment, pondering for a moment before speaking again.

"Good to hear from you Eli. Always good to hear from old friends. You as well Vikkie... but what are you talking about?"

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Hedvika held down the PTT button, which caused a silent broadcast to come over the air. After several seconds, her voice would pick up with a  rather careful and precise sound to it.

"Well...M-mister Darion h-had...Many interest of the h-heart, but he chose w-wrong w-when it w-was time to select a queen...A n-new one is going to n-need a new m-marriage er...R-ritual."

A sigh is heard, and some grumbling, before the radio cut out.


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*Darion Smirks hearing Ami and Hedvika's response*

I don't know what you mean. Everything I've done was perfectly executed!

There all master pieces!

Except the bride part...that fell through Vikkie is right...  I rolled the dice with the wrong girl.

O well a queen will emerge at some time...

And yes...  We will meet up.

*Darion Turns off his radio for the night and quietly stares over Dolina's Town Square*

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Lets out a sigh and clicks her radio one more time.

"Vikkie, i need to speak to you on a secure channel. I'll try and get ahold of you tomorrow."

Stuff her radio back in her pack.

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*Zeke leans against the wall, scratching at the scars across his face finally deciding to speak up*

"Darion, Ami and Eli?....Three voices I haven't heard in a long time although I've probably been forgotten, it's nice to hear that you lot aren't amongst the screams of the dead."

*Zeke coughes rather violently, clutching his chest before shutting off his radio and forcing himself to continue on*

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Flicking through random frequencies, Jamie stumbles upon this and decides to reply when he hears Darion. 

Good to hear you're actually alive Darion, maybe we should have a little catch up. Also heard the boys are back but haven't had the pleasure of seeing them properly yet, I take it you're with them again. Perhaps one day i'll stumble into you. Anyway, take it easy brother.

He carries on flicking through different frequencies.

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