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A Final Word [Open Frequency]

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*Casey Halls takes out his M1911 from his pocket, as he stares out a window he begins to speak into the radio.*


[align=left]*The radio goes silent*

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Kelly addison picks up on the frequency, listening to every single word that comes out of Casey Halls' mouth, however as she is about to reach to press down the button of her radio, the shot goes off and with that she withdraws the finger from the button while glancing up in the sky with a pained expression growing on her face

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Kenzi takes shelter from the heavy rain pouring down outside in a small shed on an open field. She shuts the door behind herself and leans up against it, sighing as the noise of the raindrops is banging ratherly loudly against the metal roof of the small hold up.

Deciding to pass the time somehow she grabs her radio from her inner pocket and flicks the battery on. She plays with the frequency botton on the radio as she picks up a lot of static noise before suddenly hearing a familar voice and she stops there.


She turns up the volume to block out the rain as she tries to listen to what he is saying. What did he mean that he was dead? She was hearing his voice and.. her name was mentioned. What was this.. a goodbye?

Kenzi fumbles with the radio in the dark as she finally finds the one to transmit and she pushes it down, trying to interrupt him in his transmission to get his attention.

"Casey? Casey? What are you doing? I-I don't understa-"

She pauses as she hears the shot go off and she freezes, nothing but the rain falling heard on her end as she goes silent. Realization soon dawning on her and tears starts to roll down her cheeks of her already rain soaked face.

A mixture of a sob and a wail escapes her lips as she can't seem to find her voice. A cry of despair and pain is heard before it goes silent on her end.

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