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Right and Wrong...

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Protect him... that's all I was hired to do...

I had arrived in Chernarus a few days before this whole thing happened... Protecting some Chernarussian celebrity named Hynek Vydra... He was well known for having lots of money, based on his career in acting in Chernarussian movies, alongside being a big-time donator to charities across the globe and having good genetics. Wasn't much of a movie guy myself, but I was supposed to make sure he wasn't touched by anyone that was too much of a low-life.

We were in the town of... I think Kabanino, when things went wrong. One minute he was signing autographs and the next there were a bunch of bloodthirsty creatures running at us. While me and the other security workers were dealing with them, some slick slimeball thought it necessary to add to the tension by coming in and snatching our big-time celebrity, and driving him away in some sedan that looked like a middle-income white man owned it.

Dealing with these so-called 'Walkers'... or 'Infected'... whatever you want to call them was probably the most important thing to deal with at the time being. Besides, without me and the other security guards, Vydra wouldn't have anyone to save him. Another blink of an eye and the next thing I see is one of the security guards - I think is name was Dominik- being yanked apart. It looked like something out of one of those Dawn of the Dead flicks... but I ain't a movie guy as I told you.

This was fantastic. The one thing I had been paid to do I'd failed at. Protect one man. Ofcourse I couldn't fault myself too much. No one told us that an armada of zombies would come charging out of the blue, nor that someone would use this as a distraction to snatch our pretty-boy celebrity.

I guess now the only thing to do is look for Vydra, even though I haven't seen him since the whole thing started. Some other form of employment wouldn't hurt either. Maybe I'll stumble upon Vydra myself and he'll be in another form... a non-human form. Maybe then I can focus on more important things besides finding a ladylike boy. Maybe then I can focus on survival instead of obsessing over this crap.

[align=left][spoiler=OOC]Just a little short story/journal entry for Jeff Brewer. I kinda got bored and wanted to do this so here ya go!

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A damn good story.

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