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Wildlife [Open Freq.]

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The buzzing of white noise through your radio suddenly cuts, and a few seconds later a voice begins to speak.

"Uh...I haven't seen as much wildlife as I use to lately, no deer or nothin'."

He clears his throat, opening his lips to speak once more.

"Fuckin' getting harder an'  harder to eat out here, man. Anybody else seein' a decline in game?"

The radio waves again turn into a soft sound of white noise with the sound of the man letting go of his PTT button.

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  • Sapphire

* Noah hears the transmission after hearing the word wildlife... He listens to what the guy is saying. Then he decided to respond. *

'' Say buddy....where are you hunting exactly..? And where are you now..?

* His voice sounds angry. *

'' Listen to me..... I give you only one warning... If I ever see you shooting wildlife just for fun or not on a respectfull way...

You have a big problem! I hope I made myself clear.... ''

* Noah ends his transmission and puts his radio in his jacket. He mumbles and shakes his head  '' Those fuckers these days.. '' *

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  • Emerald

A grumble could be heard over the radio before a lethargic sounding, teenage Chernarussian female's voice was broadcast over the frequency.

"Animals alive now are animals of the brain. Cows once on farm now know to run if human is close by. People now hunt with kalash too, make animals disappear quick."


Inaudible mumblings would be heard, before she spoke up again.

"Just make sure to leave little deer and deer of small horn. At least that is what Otec said."

Her voice would trail off into more murmuring before the radio simply clicked off.

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*Fred picks up the radio and starts transmission*

"Well would you look at that! I'm not the only guy hunting for a living! Anyhow, you are right, the number of animals around has dropped significantly. However, the south coast seems to have a decent amount of boar, while somewhere to the South-East of the North-Western airfield, there is a large clearing and I've seen quite a few deer there. Cows...I've seen some around Berezino...maybe South of it, I cant remember"

*Fred takes a deep breath and stares at the treeline for a moment*

"Good hunting. Just keep low and eyes open, you'll be sure to find something...keep something alive for us, eh?"

*Fred ends the transmission*

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A hoarse, sick sounding voice comes on over the airwaves, partially blurred by static and white noise.

The man has a clear English accent- another foreigner in Chernarus.

''Game...I don't..have much trouble..j-just..need to know where to..''cough!' look..there's meat everywhere..'

The unnamed man wheezes a long, phlegm choked laugh into his radio, and is abruptly cut off.

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*Mason stumbles onto the frequency and listens carefully to what is said. After much contemplation he holds down the button on his radio. A loud crackle can be heard which quickly subsides as a clear voice breaks through the interference*

"Game"? These are animals, living creatures. They deserve respect and awe. I hope you understand what effect the killing of these beautiful creatures has on the surrounding forests. Hunt with caution! You must be reserved in what you kill, as you've stated the animals are quite scarce but there are many if you know the right places to look. Thankfully, the forests do not reveal such places to those who disrespect and ignore them.

*There is a slight pause*

Remember when you're out there....hunting. Don't forget to look behind you

*The transmission ends abruptly*

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