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Help me please

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These links have all the answers. You just have to look and read.

If you can't find it. Message a staff memeber and they will assist you. No one but staff is allowed to see your whitelist application, so message it to them.

Staff team link



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Please for fk's. i have been doing the questions 3 times now and i got it 3 times wrong i really wanna play with my friend PLEASE HELP ME. I have been reading over the rules 7 times

Staff should be here shortly, but I can assure you that pretty much all questions can be answered via the FAQ, Rules page, Newcomer's guide, or the Lore section. I only ran into one question which I couldn't find the answer of on one of those, otherwise you should be fine. Also, you get two more tries, I believe, so try again and do it carefully. 



Or wait for staff and see what they have to say about it idk I'm just fresh meat

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I really do not wannna be black listed. yesterday i had 1 question wrong about the lore D:

Whats the ip? Like


jump in the "Waiting for Staff" channel. I'm sure one of us is able to help you out :)

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Hi there!

I can only recommend that you read the rules over and over until you know exactly what you are struggling with.

We, as the staff team, can also answer any questions regarding the rules if you send us a PM or hop into the waiting for staff channel on Teamspeak.

Everything can be worked on and we can guide you into the right direction and help you understand the rules better.

MetalxTongue has also been so kind and provided you with a few very helpful links that you can read over whenever you have time!

As your question has been answered I will go ahead and /solve this


The best advice I can give you in your situation is that you read over the rules as many times as possible and as I already said, hop on teamspeak if there is anything that may seem confusing to you.

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