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KOS Ban Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair:

I feel as if the other party was being very hostile with my friend and he NEEDED to get food from the town before he started to die of starvation, the other party did not allow him to do so they insisted he run in the direction of the airfield or else he would have gotten harmed by them. My friend tried asking for food and they ingnored his question and keep threatening him if he didnt run north. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

The combat log ban i COMPLETELY understand. That was a BIG mess up i didnt even think that it had not been 30min since the hostile actions took place. I accept that completly i just think that the KOS ban was given for a wrongly reason. I feel that there was a mix up between "definite initiation" and "hostile RP". The guys threatened my friend that if he do what they wanted they were gonna beat him with weapons. I was nervous that if my friend didnt get away from the guys he was ether gonna get shot by them or starve. So i did what i thought was the only way for him to get away and not starve.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Being able to play on the RP servers again, as they are my favorite and i have not stopped playing them in over a week.

What could you have done better?:

Made sure that the other party had given a "hostile action" rather then just "hostile RP" because now i know the difference as it was explained very well to me by an admin. I should've made sure that the people that i ran into were hostile before shooting also.

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Hello Hodgie,

Another staff team have reviewed the report and your ban appeal.

One of your reasons for killing them is because you were afraid that your friend was going to starve if he didn't find food fast.

Nowhere in the videos provided does he make it known that he is close to dying. Watching you loot the bodies you don't pick up any

food for him. If food was such a priority we find it very odd that you didn't think to loot food but instead chose to take a svd,knife, scope and ammo.

The only time food is mentioned is when your friend turned around and went back into the hostile situation asking for food.

He didn't make it known that he was dying or even attempted to sneak back in town to gather food.

You never asked him if he found food or if he needed food. You were also semi close to both Kabinino and Stary where you surely could had found food or apples.

What we hear in the recording is that you shot them because they were being "assholes" to your friend.

After having watched the other video we don't see any form of initiation. What we do see is hostile role play.

If everyone would receive KOS rights because someone was an "asshole" then there wouldn't be many people alive anymore.

For a valid initiation someone must make his hostile intention clear and unambiguous and state each demand before you can harm the victim for non-compliance. Like you've already stated you had someone explain to you that there's a difference between hostile role play and a hostile act.

They were no direct threat to your friend and killing someone should always be a last resort when you have no other options.

Because of your actions an innocent person got killed and another one got shot. You then combat logged.

We think that what was said in the original verdict still applies and we don't see any new evidence that would change the punishment.

With the above stated the following applies:


Appeal Denied.

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