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I've found myself with some free time, and couldn't resist the urge to play some DayZRP again.

I'm sure none of you recognize me, as my stint here in the past was unfortunately brief due to real-life obligations.  However I'm very happy to have the time to return here all the same.

I've submitted an application for whitelist again, as I recall in the past if you were inactive both in-game and on the forums for more than a month the whitelist would expire.  Was good to brush up on the rules, especially as it appears there are some new ones, and get the creativity flowing anyways. ;D

Anyway, that's all.  Look forward to all the fun to come! :D

Edit: "You do NOT have to post every 30 days to keep your account." ..welp, guess I was mistaken about the monthly post requirement. :P

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  • Sapphire

Hello. Welcomeback.

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  • Sapphire

Hello and welcome back at the community 

Always nice to see people coming back.

Good luck with the whitelist.

Have fun with your DayZRP adventures! :D

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