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(Private Frequency) For Nyleea


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  • Emerald

* Hey uhhhhhh..........Nyleea......its me....I hope you are still with in Range to hopefully here this...Theres something we should talk...a lot of things to talk about in fact....got a lot of Apologies  to say...but...please answer.....*  

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*listens to the man broadcasting, face taunt and eyes tired, she sits for a few more moments before pulling out the radio and speaking*

I hear you Lucky......although after the last time I saw you, you were pretty unreachable at that point...

*her eyes cloud over in memory and a pained tone enters her voice*

What do you want from me Lucky? I've give everything within to get you to see what needed to be shown you....I've given you more then I should.  Now you give me something......a Reason....I await your answer

*the broadcast ends abruptly*

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  • Emerald

*Nyleea....you.....you had to give everything ...you all did..and I have gave nothing in return....I had to lose everything Nyleea for me to wake up and see. I....I deserve that bullet that I made you promise me so long ago. I deserve it. But i can see Nyleea..I was blinded ..but now I see. *

*I need to fix everything Nyleea.*

*I wanna come home....Please....*

*quiet sobbing is heard before the radio cuts out

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*a soft, comforting tone comes over the radio*

You'll always be family to us Lucky.......as for a bullet........

*a soft click is heard before the voice comes back*

I'm prepared to do what I must but I don't believe your that lost to us yet Lucky......and I am not prepared at this time to take that step....I need to look into your eyes and know for myself if your that far gone.....but I don't think you ever could be Lucky.........you have to much....

*a pause for a moment then a voice thick with emotion returns*

you have to much...heart...

*a throat clearing is heard then the voice comes again*

What do you suggest we do now Lucky?

*the transmission ends*

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  • Emerald

* I ...guess we meet...face to face...so you can see for yourself*

* But first I gotta take care of someone real quick *

* coughing and wheezing is heard in the background*

* I gotta get her the medical help she needs, after I know she's ok then we meet ..I hope*

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