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Ban Appeal.

Guest Imaninja357

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Guest Imaninja357

Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A

Why the verdict is not fair: I think the verdict is fair to be honest, I copy pasted and thought I'd get away with it but I didn't.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My point of view, I think that i shouldn't have copy pasted stuff from Redit, on to my NLR white list.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like my ban to be lifted.

What could you have done better?: Honestly, I shouldn't have been lazy and try and get away with copy pasting stuff from Redit, to my NLR white list. I should have took my time and typed it, now that I look at it, it wasn't worth the ban.

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Hi Imaninja357

We take our rules, whitelisting and Roleplay very seriously and if you are not going to respect our system and attempt to bypass it, then we dont want you here.

Everyone who copied the rules from our rules page or from somewhere else, like you did from Reddit and tried to get whitelisted was banned as this shows us that there is either

1. No understanding of the rules or

2. no care for our rules.


You copied and pasted from reddit from someone who got denied for not explaining the NLR correctly. That in itself was not very smart.

You could have caused serious damage to the community on the Servers - For an offence like that, we do not give second chances. You had your chance and you failed to use it because you have been lazy, like you said yourself.

You said it yourself, the ban was fair.  

When you make a choice, you also choose the consequence.

- Unknown

Info: Do not create any new accounts - they will be banned along with this one.

Appeal denied - posting rights revoked.

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