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Tales Of Joey`s Travels.

Guest Kenji

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Chapter 01 - Alone In a Crowd 

December 5th 2014 Rotterdam

A time of festive decorations peaked hats and bearded old men,happy screams of agony and dead stares from blood spattered shop windows being smeared out into long scarlet streaks.

The patter of footsteps breaks through the chaos as Joey with his daughter Lisa in his arms and his wife Michelle close behind round the corner.

“Run! Run! Run!” Joey mutters more to himself, Like a mantra of morbid motivation than anything else.

All around them Infected pour out of shops homes and subway openings to fill the streets to join the hungry frenzy for a meager snack that is sprinting down the street.

THERE! Joey yells as he points to the huge now abandoned library building. Without slowing down he hits the glass full sprint Knocking the door open to his surprise the glass stayed in one piece. After a moment's hesitation he rushes forward to close the huge glass door and lock it shut. “ Are you okay did they get you? Oh my god, your Arm!” Michelle Gasps with an exhausted breath. Joey looks down at his tattered jacket sleeve blood dripping from the rags down to the floor.

“Lets not worry about that little scratch now dear….let's get to the roof before they break the glass.” with a painful and exhausted grunt he lifts Lisa from the floor and they moved into the library and to the roof.

A loud scream of poor maintained metal hinges pierces the air above Rotterdam as they move onto the roof. Joey shuts the door with a loud bang and he slumps down in a moment of quiet rest. The gun stabbing in his leg as a reminder of a way out of this mess..

Lisa quietly curls up against him sobbing without sound. “ Let me see that arm.” Michelle says as she moves in to inspect the wound, all the while talking away.

“I can't believe that asshole shot at us, Why would he shoot. the street was empty! But NOOOooo... big man and his gun had to fucking shoot!” Joey suddenly leans forward interrupting he ramblings  with a sudden passionate kiss, for that one instance they were back in there home watching cartoons and listening to little Lisa giggling away.

“listen here bumblebee it hit my arm and i am still here we can get out of the city and into the countryside okey all we have to do is keep a cool head.” Joey leans back against the cold steel door wiping a tear off of Michelle`s cheek.

“There. all patched up.How is Lisa doing?” She asked in a quiet tone.

“She is a sleep dear” Joey carefully moves her to check her fever.

His heart suddenly Pounded like a sledge hammer once and twice … as the whole world turned cold and hot at the same time around him. All his movement froze as he looked at his daughter's face. Her cheeks streaked with lines of dark red her golden hair around her ears tainted with the stain of undeath for so many.

“ No...no...no...no…” He repeated to himself as he frantically started wiping the bloody tears on her cheeks.” don't you dare!!! NO! NO!” The bloody tears becoming a pink sheen covering her face. Michelle watched in a shock as Joey tried to clean his dying daughter's face, not moving not speaking just tears rolling down her cheeks and a trembling lip,

The world started to spin and everything got blurred by the tears in his eyes.

He turns to michelle and everything came to a grinding halt, the rain was no longer there the cold was gone there was no sound only the moaning of the infected from the streets below,the gun still stabbing his leg still reminding him now louder than ever that way out that ...one way out  and his mind repeating one thing.” No no no please no no no why no no no”

Michelle was staring back with bloody tears.

As he takes out the gun he flick the safety with a loud click. There was nothing now left in the world only the faces of his infected family and clattering of the gun in his shaking hand.

“Lisa first…. she does not need to see this.” Michelle croaks out with a defeated tone.

Slowly oh so slowly he moves the gun to lisa`s head. And he slumps with her in his arms and the gun still pressed against her temple. He gives her one last kiss on her cheek. and with a ear piercing yell he pulls the trigger turning the roof red with the remains of the brains of his little daughter.

Unable to speak only cry he turns to his wife, his beautiful lovely wife with the bloody tears of death prominent on her face “ Joey listen to me! remember the good times okey Remember!!”

Joey nods in response and puts the gun to her head and with a second cry he pulls the trigger.

He slumps to the floor in the fetal position and turns the gun to himself with the loud moans of the infected below like the song to his own demise.

He presses down hard on his temple and he pulls the trigger.






Chapter 02  - Limbo

-Click- “hey wake up” -Thump-

“Joey wake up. -Click- 

With eyes still closed Joey opened his eyes to see the alarm clock.

“Fuck i'll be late mom why did you not wake me earlier?!” He jumped out of bed in a mad rush to get dressed.




“Well i did try i have been calling for you for 30 minutes now,late on your first day of university …..well you are off on a good start.” 

Joey rushed to his mom still struggling with his jacket snatching his bag out of her hands and giving her a peck on the cheek. “bye!”

With a crash he burst into the completely filled lecture hall.

Eighty eyes were all locked on him. “Well good morning fellow nerds” He straightens his coat and continues in a confident manner. “i thought to myself how would i start my first day. I did not want anything boring like being on time of silent …...NAAaah to boring so i decided to crash in late and loud. People remember that you see.”

He plops down in one of the seats in the back looking left and right to see who is there to meet.



Joe leans over to the seat to the right and says.”Well hello there bumblebee my name is Joey who might you be.”  With a wink he extends a hand to shake it.

She smiles and gets a slight rosy blush on her cheeks. -Click-

“My name is michelle.” 

“Why are you crying michelle?” -Thump- 

“What?! i am not!”


“must have been the lights i guess.”

Joey turned around and opened the doors to leave the lecture hall with Michelle on his arm and in a perfectly normal blur of reality he stepped into the rainforest of the amazon.




“do you hear that bumblebee?” slowly joey reaches down to grab his machete. and he peers into the ever moving maelstrom of leaves insects and life that is the amazon underbrush to determine the source of the sound.

“no i don't hear a thing ...what's wrong Tarzan the forest getting to you?”

She asks with teasing tone to her voice. “ you need to wake up though.”


Joey turns around to drive down the highway at blistering speed. Breaking every speed limit imposed by the nice lawmakers of Rotterdam. But he could not care less, he is going to be a dad!! 



Suddenly his attention is drawn to a man on the sidewalk walking with a shamble like he is drunk. swaying left and right. suddenly he stops. 

As Joey watches a cold shiver runs down his spine. It moves like it is in a very old movie with unnatural jerks and twitches blood pours out of the man's ear. The longer Joey Watches The less convinced it is human it's breathing is labored and so loud he can hear it in his car.



Suddenly the head of the creature snaps to the side and it stares with dead unfeeling eyes passed all the people on the street passed the playground with children playing straight at Joey in driving by in his car.



Loud honking snaps him out of his trance only to see the headlights of a huge truck and with a loud crash he sprints into the delivery room to sit by Michelle`s side.




“PUSH!” the nurse yells.With a loud scream the baby is caught by the nurse and an infant's cry fills the room.

“Hey you don't have to cry Tarzan. All you have to do is remember the good times we had and not die okey?”

Stunned at the strange request he sits back confused. As he looks at her she stands up and before his eyes Little lisa grows and learns to stand on her own feet.

“Hey wake up!”

“I am awake you are talking to me.“

As he speaks her eyes start to tear up with blood and her skin is turning a grayish tint like ash.



“You need to wake up Now!!!!!!”

As she screams those last words she lunges forward in a mad hungry frenzy!

Suddenly Joey snaps back to reality with a infected bearing down on him.

He frantically reaches for anything to fight back while holding back the full weight of the freak trying to take a bite out of his face. 

It groans with a horrid stench coming out of his mouth half its face clawed off and the strips dangling in joey's face. suddenly his hand grasps a brick and he slams it with all his might into the skull of the infected. with a sickening crunch the brick sinks into the brain of the attacker and it slumps to the side.

joey sits up against the wall and takes in the scene around him.

It is a place of complete misery. As he stands up he looks down on the limp forms that once were his wife and child. their brains sprayed over the roof like someone dropped a bucket of paint. Still crying he reaches to his temple. a sharp pain and a bloody hand. Numbly he stares at his hand only thinking of those bloody ears. as he feels again he feels a barrel sized wound from where the gun was pressing in his temple for hours on end. 

Joey slumps forward in a half  daze to the edge of the building ready to take that way out.

When suddenly he hears clear as day 

“think of the good times we had”  

And he turns around and stumbles with chafing pants and a blasting headache to the ladder and he climbs down the side of the building the infected are not.


Chapter 03 - gravity 

As Joey descended down the ladder the howls of the infected filled the air.

Hundreds of thousands empty souls screaming and moaning, it all combined to create a constant hum that echoes through the streets.

Halfway down the ladder Joey stopped to inspect the street below.

It looked clear apart from the remains that once was a human.

From his vantage point on the ladder the stain that was left behind had an oddly human shape to it as if there was a man floating above the ground casting a bloody shadow on the street.The poor bastard must have been pulled apart in every way.

He could not stop staring, everything but the remains turned gray and his vision started to blur and the world started to spin. Suddenly it felt like the whole world dropped away in a black void, snapping back to reality he reached out to the ladder but could not get a good grip.

Wind rushing by, 2 meters away was the life saving grip of the ladder just out of the reach.

With a loud crack a stabbing pain filled his chest and a mess of body parts filled his vision and everything went black. When he came to less than a second later he felt the ground underneath him moving and  squirming about. He looked up just in time to see two of the infected lung forward with their gaping maws ready consume yet another victim.

He kicked them away from him with both feet and he started rolling over the undead bodies out of the way of the snapping jaws, only to roll into the legs of more infected that stumbled and fell over him. 

Heart pounding so loud that it was like gunshots going off in his head and the moans of these pestilent fiends all around him he started to flail in outright panic. Trying frantically to escape the mess of undeath that just moments ago saved his life. As he broke through the last ranks he felt a sharp pain in his calf in a reflexive motion he jerked his leg away hard freeing him from the jaws of the infected.

There was no pain, there was no time for pain, only running. 

as he rounded a corner he ran into the first house with a open door and slammed it shut behind him and instantly started scanning the deadly quiet hallway. the only thing he saw was dust and the only thing he heard was his heart beating at 4000 miles an hour.

With a exhausted sigh he slumpt down against the door when suddenly 4 loud thumps as the pursuing infected slammed against it, as he flinched a sharp pain came from the 2 broken ribs and sprained ankle, and a constant burning sensation from his calf.

With a start he realized what just happened he frantically rolled up his pants leg to find bright red streaks of teeth marks on his calf glowing like a fresh branding made by the devil small beads of blood making it look like little demonic perls.

Joey stared at it for a while watching the beads of blood slowly grow and finally run down his leg. Slowly a cold blanket of fear rand up from his feet to his chest. 

His hand started shaking and he started to check all his pocket frantically.

“ No …. no….no….i can't turn…..no...no….” Joey mumbled to himself while the world started to blur from fresh tears. He reached in his pocked and pulled out a small packed marked KFC alcohol wipes. dropping the tiny pack twice hands shaking violently he managed to open it and started to frantically clean the long scrapes on his leg. All the while the endless thumping of the infected beating the drums of death.

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Really enjoyed this read Kenji. Loved the ending to Chapter one which left me wanting more and then you brought out Chapter 2 hahaha. I love how it goes from fantasy to reality. The transition was very well written. Great job on this :D

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You never shut up about gravity...

Loving this Kenji, dont stop writing! You have fans waiting for more (;

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