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Need someone dead? [Open frequency]

Guest Duke

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*Barry sits against a deer stand, in the middle of nowhere. Lighting a cigarette, admiring it for a few seconds, and then begins to smoke it. He takes a minute away from his cigarette and begins to transmit, it starts off as static, then a message reads as follows..*

" Let's be quick, everyone wants someone dead, I do, you all do. I can make it happen, you want it done a special way?, then I will. You want me to tell em' something before I plant some lead in their skull, then i'll do it. "

*He carries on smoking his cigarette and exhales loudly, breathing on the radio.*

" I ain't doing any business over the radio, it's all in person, you contact me and we'll organize a meeting and then we'll shake hands."

*He clears his throat, and in a sarcastic and high pitched voice says..*

" Thank you! from Thompson! "

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  • Sapphire

*Still used to saying the same thing over and over on the radio, Peter it up and says*

"And then come on down to REDFIELD FAR-"

*He cuts off as he remembers that there is no more Redfield Farms*

*slight pause*

"...Never mind..."

*You hear him off in the distance right before the transmission ends*

"God, I'm a fucking idiot."

*transmission ends*

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  • Sapphire

*Clay turns on his radio*

Wow.. You are one tough son of a gun I'll give you that. Can you whisper daddy in the ear of the guy I send you out to kill? Better yet Do you use a belt and a door knob for climax too Mr. Angel of death?

*Clay begins to laugh hysterically and turns off his radio*

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*Tom stops cleaning the lenses of his aviators*

Yo did you just say your a hitman and then instantly after say your name on the radio?  Damn dude you're a legend.  How can we even meet up without everyone knowing man?

*Tom skadoots off the radio and starts digging up worms for fishing*

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*Fred clicks the transmission button and holds it down for a second, giggling, before speaking*

"Hey man...there's this cow I need taken care of... *giggles some more* ..you-uhh.. you up for the task? I- Oh jesus... I can understand if it's beyond your level of experti..."

*Fred bursts out laughing, and abruptly ends the transmission"

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