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  • Emerald

Why do I get the feeling of a mini-Zeleno? :D Anyway, it looks pretty good.

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  • Emerald

if ur plan is to make a central rp town, be carefull. Its rough work and causes issues, best to let people wander, also in zeleno all you heard was everyones mic and it was so annoying

Nice group concept!

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Please no comic sans... Please?

I like the idea of more Chernarussian groups, however this group definitely needs more uniqueness imo. Obviously it's a WIP and it's a given that the detail will increase but hopefully further on into its development you can find something really unique to work towards. My main critique is that it seems very bland, however I'm sure that'll be fixed in time.

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@Felli.K - This idea was brought about just before ZBOR was created when we were Volki/Dveri and just going into that ZBOR phase, It was going to work with the ZBOR, Its more the concept of how the group came about, The goals and objectives will change with the IC encounters ect.

@MagicMike - Not one central town, Multiple locations that people can go to for warmth, shelter, food ect. Even if its 1 lonely house that noone ever visits, The location is still there to be used ect.

And there is no political presence within the group so i feel it wouldn't end up like Zeleno if it was to steer down that path. A community that work for the common goal of survival, Nothing more. No rebuilding of Chernarus, just utilizing abilities to stay alive.

@Go Fish - It's hard to be unique without being unrealistic in my opinion. There should be numerous survivor groups like this idea, The only resemblance I see this group having is to VSR, except we arent bandits but the do-gooders. The ideology to be preached will be about science more than anything. No religion or National debates. Views about space and evolution over anything else. So i think that will bring the uniqueness if you know what I mean. The blandness I agree with, Its just text more than anything to put out the idea and get opinions on it so it can be developed.

Thanks for the opinions and feedback guys. Its all being noted. Next pleasee. Dont worry about being too mean either. Im a horrible person anyway.

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  • Sapphire

It's going to be difficult to set up an RP town by yourself or with small numbers. Even Zbor had a hard time from time to time with the huge amount of people they had. Plus the issue with grenades this patch will interrupt any good thing you're trying to do.

My advice: Wait till logs come out for grenades or you get a large group to back you.

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@Bruce - I agree to a certain extent, and that's half of the fun imo. Its going to be a challenge to pull off, so if succeeded, it should be a great thing. ZBOR i believe had as many problems as they did as they were a military presence with volki members like myself being rude to foreigners ect, it wont of brought a good light to ZBOR like a group such as this hopes to achieve.

There will be no banditing/robbing/demanding/ordering that other groups have done in an attempt. More just safe havens for everyone, bandits and friendly's alike. If that makes sense. I agree on the grenade matter, But something like that is minor to me. I don't mind being blown up every now and again anyway, Gotta die somehow :L

Noted and took into consideration though. I do agree to a certain extent on needed some form of numbers or backing, The goals aren't necessarily in order so the priority could change to finding a large group/following who agrees.

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  • MVP

I like the idea. I don't mind generic survival groups as long as they are well done. I am just wondering why isn't this on group ideas?

Other then that good luck with this.

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@Andre - It's only an idea as of now with no plan to go ahead. It's the first attempt at writing something for a group as such and wondered what people would think. I was after getting a quick bit of feedback then hoping to snip, Instead of it being put into the group ideas when its not a fully worked idea yet. Mainly just wondering what people thought of the lore. I should of maybe elaborated more in the OP than what I did.

/close please

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