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My missing brother [All frequencies]

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*Red, now alone In a dusty old church reflecting on the events of the day, rests his last can of beer on the altar and chips out his cigarette, saving it for the morning. After searching for his brother and Losing hope he picks up his radio and begins, sounding concerned*

"Sammy?.....fuck is this working?....Sam if your listening you get in touch, got me worried sick boy..... I don't know what happened down in that town, but if i'm hearing right that zelenogorsk ain't no place for anyone anymore....I knew I shouldn't of left you there, after the trouble I had there I knew it wasn't safe!"

*Red composes himself, Not wanting to show weakness to anyone who may be listening*

"Made some friends Sammy....shit....even helped a couple people out today and I'm sober as I have been in a long time, not that you're going to believe that"

*smiles weakly to himself before he continues, now in a harsh, serious tone*

"If you run into Joseph, JC, Frank, Eddie or Kate... You tell em you're with Red, They're good people.....maybe some of the last.....they will help you out....and if anyone hearing this has seen my brother, name, Sam Jones, last seen wearing a large red hiking pack, a black shirt and red jogging bottoms, please let me know he's ok......If he's not ok and you're the one who hurt him, IF anyone hurt him... "

*Throwing his radio against the church wall, then,  quickly realising how stupid that was, Red kicks off his boots and lies down between the pews, hoping to get a couple hours sleep before something wakes him, something always does*

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Stiles sits in the small loft apartment his uncle owns in Zelenogorsk, after hearing this, he picks up his radio which was placed beside him and holds down the PTT button, the voice of a teenage boy is heard, as he says:

"Sam, that name sounds familiar, so does the description."

*He would pause, shuffle a little and continue.*

"I met you both by the water pump in zelenogorsk yesterday, if I see him, I'll tell him you're looking for him, and to meet him there? Names Stiles, by the way!"

*Stiles removes his finger off of the PTT button, places his radio back beside him, and rests his head against the wall.*

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  • Sapphire

* Sean hears a distress call over the radio, he smirks and holds down the transmit button *

Those people you mentioned are maybe the only good people left alive? Thats not very nice ... Maybe i killed sam and took his nice backpack, not in bad shape either.

* He giggles *

But are you retarded? Checking for someone on an open frequency is like asking bad people to take him hostage and ask you for a ransom ... Next time, be more discrete.

* He releases the button, smiling to himself *

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