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Roaming Doctors for Hire. [Open Frequency]

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*Frantically picks up his radio from deep in his backpack*

"I am Dr James Gabe, I am travelling with Dr John Rauchen, Boris Kirilov and Michael Wong. We have just escaped Zelenogorsk in the 'Mists of the revolution and the downfall of the ZBOR.' Due to our reluctance to side with any political party, we are now roaming the country delivering medical attention to anyone that needs it. If anyone is in need of medicinal assistance then radio us and we will be with you as soon as possible"

*Rubs the radio button, wondering if he'd said enough, or too much...*

*Voice from next to Dr Gabe* "Come on Gabe, we need to keep moving to the clinic in Stary, maybe we can hold up there for now."

*Puts radio back in his backpack and tiredly props himself up on a tree*


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**The radio clicks on, and is filled with static, before it suddenly stops. A young voice speaks, "H-Hello? Is this thing on? Hello? If you can hear me, Doc, It's Vitali, you know, the Vitali who traveled with you to Zelenogorsk. Currently I'm at the North West Airfield, or somewhere near there. I can make my way to wherever you guys are, and I would gladly travel with you, if you're okay with tha-" **The radio suddenly cuts off and turns back to static

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Putting out his cigarette Jarosław picks up his radio


"Hello, my name is Jarosław, *coughs* I was wondering if you boys need any supplies I might have some extra things laying around. Plus I always try to help the people that do good. Im not to far away from stary I think, if you boys need anything let me know."

*Radio starts cutting in and out*

*Jarosław takes his finger off the radio and puts it beside him*

"Might be the battery the damn things been acting up on me lately"

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-*Leonard takes the last thrust to rip open the dead deer's chest cavity when the radio inside the bad begins crackling*-

-*The voices are faint but he takes a rag and wipes away the fresh blood, takes the radio and holds down the button*-


Heh..Doctors eh..

-*Lets go of the button and ends the transmission*-

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*Slumped against a tree Reds radio goes off, hearing talk of doctors and Zelenogorsk his addled minds recalls the events of a few days before*

"Doc I had planned to come back to town to thank one of yours for trying to help me"

*He pauses to look at the injection tracks on his forearm, ashamed of how he had acted*

"Took a lot of guts and compassion to try and help a lowlife like me, I was planning on coming back now my heads clear to try and payback my debt, tell me more about this revolution? I have some supplies I would like to donate to you boys, clear up my ledger"

*With a grunt of pain, Red uses his rifle but to get back onto his feet before slinging it onto his back*

"let me know, Red"

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"slava turns the radio on*

Hello Dr, its Slava, the guy whos leg you fixed up.

Happy to hear you made it out alive.

My advice would be to stay away from zeleno, go near the airfield, maybe set up your own checkpoint, one that people will get to know so theyll come to you for medical help.

Ill miss zeleno, deeply. Ill miss society aswell as the nice doctors there to help.

Whatever is in store, i wish you the best doc.

*slava turns the radio off, and looks at the place he called home in zeleno, he walks away and sees the smoke coming from the school building in the distance*

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