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The Story of Asclepius (New Survivor)

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I am new to the forum and community and have just submitted my whitelist application. I have played PbP role playing games like D&D for years now and love story telling and role play. I really enjoyed writing my characters background and wanted to share it with everyone! I hope to see you out on the road someday soon!

"A pregnant teenage mother, was thrown to the streets after her father found out about her "little secret".

Surviving a long, harsh winter by sneaking into convenience stores and apartment buildings for warmth. She gave birth on a bus station floor, to a healthy boy. While in a bed at the local hospital, she died due to the many complications that living on the streets posed for her. The hospital staff said it was a miracle she lived long enough to give birth at all, and because of this reason the staff named the child Asclepius, after the Greek God of Medicine and Health.


Asclepius was going to be placed into foster care, but a barren nurse decided to adopt the baby for herself.

The boy grew up in a good house, with all the love and affection one could ever ask for. However, the school he went to was in a lower income neighborhood and he chose to associate himself with a less than friendly group of teenagers. He and his friends became heavily into drugs and partying, and were even kicked out of school on multiple occasions.


Being that his adopted mother was in medicine, he was given a job at a local pharmacy in an attempt to turn his life around and give him something that would keep him away from the bad influences at school. He found a unique opportunity in his profession and started stealing drugs from the store to sell them at the local bars and clubs. He quickly was given the nickname "Ace", for his friends could always rely on him to bring the "good stuff" to the parties. Plus it was easier to say than Asclepius.


Once his mother found out what he had been doing, she didn't know of any other option but to send him away to military school in a final attempt to "fix" her child.

He was sent to Chernarus, and was enrolled at a small school that partnered with a local military base in Pavlovo to try to "scare" delinquent children back on the right track. This training was short lived when an announcement came over the speakers that the school will be closed until further notice, and for all students to go home. Seeing how Ace didn't have a home to go to in Chernarus, he followed a friend back to his family cottage in Komarovo.


Things didn't stay quiet long, and talk of an epidemic begin to spread through the area. Ace, having some medical background decided to make a dash to a local pharmacy before others wised up to the situation. The following day the family begin to board up the cottage to the best of their ability and decided to wait out this infection. It wasn't long before all they heard around them were screams and panic as locals tried desperately to run away or hide. His group stayed safe for several days, until there was a large knock at the door. The mother called out to the mysterious person on the other side, "Who is it?". When there was no answer she decided to open the door just a crack to see if it was someone trying to hide from the infected. As she turned the lock, the door burst open and a group of three infected ran into the small cottage. Ace pushed one off of himself as he saw the other two tackle the old lady and begin biting her. His instinct to run kicked in and he through a small stool through a side window and jumped out. He could hear the families screams as he ran as fast as he could towards the trees in the distance. When his lungs finally gave out, he collapsed behind a fallen tree, and listened. What felt like hours, was only a few minutes as he decided that he wasn't followed. He knew he couldn't go back, so he wondered around until he found an old abandoned hunting blind and he decided it would have to work.


He stayed in that hut for four days, eating berries and drinking from a nearby stream. He knew he had to keep moving if he was going to survive. So off he went into the world, in search of food, survivors and shelter."

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Nice work bud, I'm fairly confident you'll pass whitelist with work like that. Unless you've got some hidden delinquent qualities not made clear by your writing ;)

I'm just gonna say welcome to the community now.

('through a small stool through', spell check get threw?)

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  • Sapphire

Very good story and grats :)

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  • Sapphire

Great read. Keep em coming!

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