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Improper Name & US Players


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Last night I was kicked from the US Server with a strange error.

I'm not a hundred percent sure what the error message I got was last night,

but it was something to the effect, " You have been kicked : Your name is invalid."

Anyone else had this issue? I connected fine again today.

Is there a way to change my name to meet the requirements?

Also, I have notice that the most people I have seen on the US server has been in the morning,

is that a good generalization?

Thanks in advance,


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What was your ingame name?

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Hi, you are required to have a proper name. Like a name that actually exist in real life and not something like "Sum Ting Wong" or "Bruce Wayne". You most likely have an In Game name which staff or other members of the community deemed as innaporiate as an RP name.

To give you a guideline on how to name your character, you are not allowed to do the following things, use the name of a famous individual which exist in Real Life or in a fictional stance, you are not allowed to use names that are overly ridiculous like Sir Sum Ting. Basically have a name that is not overly ridiculous.

A good idea of a name would be something along the lines of "Thomas Wage", "John Hamilton" or something that that.

To change your name in game, on the menu screen of DayZ, just see in the bottom right corner there should be a test region that allow you to change your name. So simply add the name for example "Kenway Lee" in there and it will pop up on the player list.

Does this answer your question OP?

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I recommend you check out this guide by Brad. Might explain why you are being kicked and help you choose a new name.

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If you were kicked from the server for ''Invalid RP Name'', it probably means you used the name of a famous person in-game.

In our FAQ it states the following:


Besides that, you are also not allowed to have A Non-RP Name such as, for example: MrSmith123.

Regarding your question about the US server - Most people will be online whenever they finish work or school and stay online until late, which is when the server becomes the most busy. S1 however is usually busy when americans are either asleep or at work, as it is hosted in the UK.

If you have any more questions, don't be shy to ask!


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Ronald was seen as an invalid RP name because you need a surname too.

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Ok, Thanks I managed to change my name from "ronald" to "Ron Buan" which should be acceptable?

Thanks for all the help you guys.

That is invalid because you need a first and second name. And personally I see nothing wrong with Ron Buan.

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