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Vitali Mikhalov's Journal


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January Something, 2016

I've been out here for years, and yet I rarely see people in Chernogorsk. I'm starting to believe I might be the only person alive. It's driving me crazy, sitting in this hospital with nothing to do, no one to see. The top floor is around ten stories up, should be high enough to jump from if things get too serious. The silence is deafening, but sometimes you hear the occasional gunshot or scream. You want to run towards it, but that could mean your death. You don't know whats out there, anyone could be out there. Just don't go near the gunshots.

January still, 2016

I'm going to do it. What is the point in living if you can't even stay alive for long? I hear you get shot or executed or something if you try to get past the borders of Chernorussia, yet they already are sentencing us to execution by forcing us to stay here. I haven't seen any charity organisations come here for a while, the last I saw was some Red-Cross type thing. Hard to believe it though, turns out it was a trap.

February 13th or 14th, I think. 2016

It's a miracle, I finally found a person! Well, two people, actually. Two doctors heading to Zelenogorsk. They let me tag along with them, so I was not alone now. They said their names were something like Dr. James something and Dr. John something. I never caught their last names. We also met a nice Asian fellow, Michael Wong. He was apparently involved with the Triads in Hong Kong before all of this. He was also drunk, or high, or something, so I don't know if I should have believed him.

We finally made it to Zelenogorsk as the sun was about to disappear for the night. I thanked the gentleman for their help and company, and I began to settle in. I met a nice Ukrainian fella called Janek. We met by a camp fire, he said he was a fisherman or something. I also met Stiles, who I consider a good friend, for allowing me to stay in his apartment room until I could get a place of my own, as he did not like to stay in the city.

February 15th, probably, 2016

Early in the morning there were a few zombies around, and I accidentally pointed my gun at some woman, and she overreacted a little bit. Even though I apologised many times, she was still pissed. I decided to let it go and just walk away, and later I found her again involved in some big commotion to do with apple trees, or land. Stiles, me and the woman started to pick some apples as she said it was fine, whilst the other people were arguing. One of the angry little men came up to Stiles and headbutted him, like a bit of an asshole. The woman's friends cuffed him, and took him away, and I still haven't seen him. I checked out Stiles to make sure he was OK, as I was a nurse before all of this.

I went to the school building as I was told that's where you get a citizenship.  On the way up there, I heard a rifle shooting, in the direction of those people who took the guy who headbutted Stiles. He probably got what he deserved. The school building is empty, which is a bit weird. I was told some guy would be up here.

I managed to apply for a citizenship after all, but it was in the police station. I told the man my name and what I'm good at, and he told me I would be considered.

February 16th, 2016

I met a nice man called Kai, who was also from England. We related to a few things, and we decided to head up to Green Mountain to see what was there. Great view from up on this radio tower. Me and Kai are chilling here for a bit. Some strange guys wearing masks came in, both armed. It was suspicious when they left so quickly, so me and Kai headed back to town.

I managed to catch some fish, even though I have never fished in my life! These fresh water Carp are actually quite big, and a little heavy. I managed to gut one with my knife, a bit of a mess however. Sitting by the warm campfire whilst it was cooking was really relaxing. I went back to the city about an hour later, but it was rather empty, so I decided to go to Stiles' apartment, since he let me stay there. I heard some screaming outside, of a woman. I looked out the window and there was some guy in a balaclava holding a chainsaw up to some woman in a paramedic coat. Then some guy started shouting at the chainsaw guy, apparently he was just joking with her.

God damn, cant get any sleep with these two idiots arguing outside. I'm going to head over to the police station and get them to stop this fight so I can get some peace and quiet.

Got attacked by a zombie in the morning, scratched me good. I'm gonna go to the doctor's later, have them check me out to make sure I'm alright.

I was fine, and I ended up donating some blood, since I like to help. Made me feel quite dizzy.

February 19th, 2016

I found a nice man called Ben in Chernogorsk. I helped him out inside the police station and agreed to teach him to shoot. God damnit, some bandits robbed us clean, took my gun, shirt, backpack, all my meds and all my ammo. I swear I will get revenge on those bastards. 

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