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*Viktor sits down and turns on the voice changer, he then takes his radio out and pushes the talk button. A Static, metallic voice can be heard.*

Hello Wasters, this is Rebel Commander F

I have managed to live on, even with the Zbor looking...

Looking high and low, and yet never finding me.

I have been a thorn in their side, but it is not enough.

Raise your voices, my Brothers in arms.

Let your voices be heard, in this connection I give you.

Show the Zbor that we are numerous, never alone.

There is a strength in numbers, a strength that will win this war.

Whether you are cloaked in shadow, or bathed in light.

Speak the truth, share your experiences.

Take the mask off of the Zbor, and show the true monster within.

Their power lies in brutality, but our power lies in our resolve.

The resolve to see the monster slain, and the innocent set free.

Will you aid in putting this nightmare to bed?

*Viktor Releases the talk button on the radio and turns off the Voice changer. He then sets the radio down, leaving it on the same frequency. He then takes out a recorder and places it down next to the radio. He turns on the recorder and sits down, waiting to see who would willingly hang themselves.*

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*A small light flickers from a lamp as an unknown hand slowly dials up the sounds on a radio. It barks to life with Commander F's transmissions as a silhouetted shape sits back into the chair to listen. Slowly the rest of the table pulls into view, several figures all silhouetted against the wall sit unmoving in the barn.*

*Small bits of the whisperings can be heard*

"The connotations....."

"Has the Talon clenched?"

"Re-Report this..."

*The view continues to pan out as the message from Commander F continues to play.*

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