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[33.4Hz] Svatyne Tulaci (Private Frequency)


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  • Sapphire

Milan lets out a long sigh as he sits in his chair, he puts on a radio telecommunications headset and adjusts some nobs on the radio then speaks.

"Tulaci 2 come in, Tuclaci 2! Bourbon are you fucking there?!"

Bourbon is awakened by Milan on the radio, he fumbles the radio around when pulling it out but manages to press the talk button.

"Oh shit, Yeah yeah! Its Bourbon here. Hows everything back home?"

Milan coughs into the mic and says.

"Everything seems fine so far, people still are getting use to you all not being around but they will get over it, I saw the same shit when boys got deployed to the war. Hows the mission gone so far?"

Bourbon yawns.

"Everything has been well... That merchant was right about some things, the people here are crazy. People kill each other over simple shit but we have managed to find some good people. We found a new government who call themselves Zbor, we've been trying to help them out and we have gotten to know one of their men who is named Pavel. We also have recruited several people but we still are getting to know South Zagoria."

Milan sighs.

"I was hoping that merchant was just exaggerating shit. Well be safe Bourbon and to the rest of you that might be listening, your families all wish you the best of luck and are praying for you."

Milan turns a nob on the radio and takes off the headset then gets back to work.

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  • Sapphire

*Jan rushes to the radio setup to contact home and pushes the talk button*

Milan... I mean sir! Jan here *Clears throat* like Bourbon said, we made contact with several factions that are in South Zagoria, including group of Doctors that could help out home, if we convince them... I'll try to help'em out as much as I can so they help us in return.

*Mutters* I hope these messages get home...

*The transmission fades to static*

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  • Emerald

*You hear Vaclav's voice faintly in the background at first.*

"První budete držet tuto zem a teď přemluvit tady, takhle."

*There is a short pause then you can clearly hear Ulman speaking over the frequency.*

"Ano, like this?......ah ok...eh hello Milan, feels like forever since we set out from Svatyne. This place is nothing like home, I trust only the men from which we set forth with just like you said, just like you taught.......eh Milan if you are there you do me a favour ano? you look after my boy, for when everything seems bleak here I remember that I am fighting for him. Make sure he stays safe Milan...for me."

*The broadcast continues but Ulman is silent for a moment.*

"Well Vaclav is telling me thats it for now, hope everyone back home is well........dobrou noc Milan."

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  • Emerald

*Ulman breaches a forest from which he had been recovering at a makeshift camp the night before, as he walks through the crisp morning air he takes out his radio for his regular morning check-in.*

"Vaclav, come in......doing my supply rounds for the morning, eh Vaclav who where those kind countrymen who helped with our problem in Zelenogorsk yesterday? they where abit you know......'rough around the edges' but they stood by us through the entire thing or at least that is as Radek told me while I lay like an old man in bed recovering, strange just when I thought everyone here watched only their own back."

*he looks out towards a town with his binoculars then continues talking.*

"Mabye we make an ally out of these men?."

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*Vaclav sits on the hillside with a blanket wrapped over him, he puts down his can of food and responds to Ulman*

"Good to hear you're back on your feet, Ulman. Those men are friends, they have always been kind to us whenever we met, a lot like Pavel.

I'm sure if we can get more opportunity's to work together then something might come of it, we'll see."

*Vaclav pauses for a moment*

"Try to get more rest, Ulman. We still have quite some work to do out here"

*Vaclav puts his radio down and continues his meal* 

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  • Emerald

*Ulman pulls up a chair and takes a deep breath, he looks down at the blood splattered on his boots from where the men had bashed someones brains in front of him. He reaches down for his radio, his hand still shaking and brings it up to his face.*

"Bourbon, Vaclav......I would....I would like to..report that I have found the 'clowns' that the trader spoke of, I witnessed first hand what these men....these.....monsters are capable of."

*he pauses for a moment whilst the broadcast continues.*

"If we are to face these men, we must change our strategy.........BECAUSE I FOR ONE WILL NOT STAND IN A ROOM WITH THESE MEN AGAIN AS THEY TORTURE AND BEAT A MAN TO DEATH!!.......this country is fucked, I want to go home back to Svatyne....away from this terror and chaos, call me a fucking pussy but Im not cut out for this shit, Im not military.....I dont want to die like I saw this man die today."

*He again looks down at the brain matter and blood as he takes out a cloth to wipe off the stains.*

"Not like this....."

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*Ondrej reaches into his camouflaged winter jacket and pulls out a short distance hand-held radio. He extends the antenna and adjusts the knob to the correct frequency*

"Tulaci, brothers, I descend down from mountains. Sorry I have been away so long! Hunting and fishing been good here, but I keep eye on Russian border. Not much movement, only some dead. My fingers sting with frostbite and I wish to share warm fire with brethren! Have a home brew on me, I'll see you all sometime soon!"

[align=left]*He puts the radio back into his pocket and unslings his rifle from his back. Ondrej continues snowshoeing through the dense Chernarussian woods, occasionally stumbling on branches covered by the snow*

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*Vaclav hears his radio come to life with Ondrej's voice and quickly responds*

"Ondrej! Glad to hear from you, don't worry about being away as long as you're alive!"

*He laughs for a moment before catching his breath*

"We have much to tell you, and a few new faces for you to meet. I'll see you soon, my friend." 

*He puts the radio back in his backpack before laying down*

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  • Sapphire

Milan sits down at his desk and puts on his radio headset then adjusts some nobs on his radio.

Ahoj! I'm afraid I have some bad news... A large group of armed men showed up at the gate a few days ago, they claim to be from the west and the fucking whore sons demanded food and ammo or they would bring trouble. I told them to fuck off but today they came back and picked off one of our guards, This means war.

Sounds of gunshots and yelling can be heard through Milans radio.

Christ they're back!

Milan throws off his headset and the radio go's silent.

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  • Emerald

*Whilst collecting firewood near the perimeter of the camp Ulmans radio blares to life in his rucksack, he quickly tosses his pack onto the floor and rummages through the various compartments "ne ne ne, kde jsem dal tu zatracenou věc!". After a couple more seconds he grasps his radio from the depths of his bag and pulls it out just in time to hear the final part of the broadcast, following the end of the message he immediately presses down on the PTT and broadcasts his voice over the frequency.*

"Bourbon, Vaclav? Anybody!? did anybody hear that? it sounded like Milan......souložit! what the hell is going on? If there is trouble back home we must make the journey again, I will not leave my son in danger........the walls! if they breach the south east side then my place is two doors down!."

*Ulmans voice sounds distressed and panicked.*

"My boy!......I should have never left him alone like that. Let me go back Bourbon, let me help him."

*He nestles the radio into the folds of his bag and collapses against a tree behind him.*

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  • Sapphire

Whilst sitting in a bush somewhere skinning a cow Bourbon hears Ulmans pleas on the radio and angrily picks up his radio with his bloody hands.

So you wanna go back Ulman?

Releases the talk button then looks around to take in the view around him, Bourbon wipes the sweat off his forehead with his forearm then presses the talk button.

Well we all wanna go back, most of what I have seen in South Zagoria sickens me, people acting like this shit is mad max and its only been such a short amount of time since the infection. But that is what keeps me focused, I killed a man today after he shot someone for calling him a bitch... The people of South Zagoria are fucking trigger happy cowards who're quicker to shoot someone because of a bruised ego than lend a helping hand. I have truly seen some of the worst shit humanity can birth... 

Bourbon's voice grows louder.

And that's why I choose to stay here, There are good people here that need to be rescued from this hell! YOU ALL KNEW EXACTLY WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR! So for those of you thinking of heading back home then fucking do it! Go back to your loved ones, if you can live with yourself knowing you left these people for dead then be my fucking guest. ULMAN! You were crying about those clowns just the other day, imagine when those fucks arrive at our gates!? Milan can deal with a few bandits but just fucking think for a second what will happen when these monster march on Svatyne's gate!

The radio slips out of Bourbons bloody hands and falls on the ground, Bourbon picks it back up then talks in a hushed tone.

So if you want to leave, be my fucking guest. I however will stay until I can sleep at night knowing I did everything I could to prevent this hell from taking over Svatyne.

Bourbon releases the talk button and returns to skinning the cow.

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  • 2 months later...
  • Sapphire

Bourbon puts on his backpack and turned his back on Svatyne to head back to South Zagoria. Bourbon holds his radio to his mouth and begins transmitting to his comrades.

"Ahoj my old friends. It has been sometime since we last spoke. I returned to Svatyne to find a desolate ruin of what use to be our home. There were lines upon lines of graves. Upon those graves were wooden cross's with the names of our fallen comrades. All of the original Tulaci squads are dead. No sign of Milan grave so we can only assume he escaped. I now make my journey back. Things are different now my friends. I will get into contact with you upon my arrival in South Zagoria. Vaclav, Jan, Ulman. We have things to discuss." 

Bourbon lifts his finger off the transmit button and continues his walk.

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