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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-28 00:27

RP1; RDM in Severograd/ 2/14/16 / Server Time- 4:40~


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Server and location: RP1 in Severograd 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4:35-4:50~

Your in game name: Jaroswav Pavowv

Names of allies involved: Muhammad Assad, Tyler Smith, Daniel Bishop

Name of suspect/s: Derek Pike, Cory Romero, Possibly Andrew OReilly

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: Muhammad and I were heading past the police station after drinking from the well in Severograd. I noticed two armed men at the edge of town and approached them; Muhammad followed. We exchanged a few words and I asked if they would be willing to trade. They had nothing they were willing to exchange. Another guy arrived, and then another, and then another. The "leader" asked about our struggles and why we were in Chernarus. Muhammad, posing as 'Tyler,' said he was visiting me in Chernarus when the apocalypse went down. I talked about how I migrated to Chernarus to start a farm after serving time in the Polish military. He leads us towards a wall and asks us to put our weapons away. We oblige. He aims his rifle and tells us to put our hands up. Muhammad instantly sprints away as they fire at him. It didn't look like they hit him. They led me to a barn or warehouse-type structure. Derek restrained me and we were made to stand by the wall. My communications were taken. They made me tell Muhammad to come back with his hands up. I told him to not do anything stupid. He took the radio back. I asked for it back to continue speaking to Muhammad; he told me that he would be entering the town from the side with the fire station. I told him that if he doesn't have his hands up, they would blow his brains out. He took the radio again. Cory (the "leader") left the building. I was left with a guy with a shotgun. I backed up completely against the wall and got kicked for "Battleye not responding." I tried to join back probably five times to continue the RP but kept getting kicked. I accidentally joined the S2 server and found out I was dead.

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  • Emerald

Hey man, I'm Cory Romero from in-game.

We didn't kill you, sadly you died from crashing while handcuffed. I'm really sorry that this happened and it killed the whole RP scenario.

I was trying to find you both in team speak to apologize that it got ruined like that.

Derek Pike was another hostage, Andrew Douglas (Edgar_Toro) and Thomas Harris (Cole) were my allies who helped initiate on you guys.

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I am Muhammad al-Assad, although because of name constraints I am forced to guy by Muhammad al-Assad on the server. To reiterate what Jaroswav is saying, I followed after him when we saw two armed men. One guy had some sort of rifle with a scope, maybe a Winchester or an SVD, which also had a ghillie gun wrap. The other guy had an AK variant on his back. While we were communicating with those two gentlemen, three more armed men arrived at different times. If I recall correctly, two of them had Steyr Augs and another had a gun which I can not remember. After we talked about our struggles, the leader (who I guess was Cory?) led us across the street. He asked us to put our guns away, which we did. Jaroswav dropped his trumpet and put his shotgun on his back. Cory pulled up his rifle and I ran. Shots were fired at me but I turned down another street. I booked it past some walls and houses and into the forest. I ran up the hill through the woods; I was followed for a little bit. Eventually I went down the hill and across the street. I was radioed by Jaroswav telling me to come back with my hands up. I told him that I would come in from the fire station side (the opposite side of where I am now) as a distraction so I could save him. He told me not to do anything stupid. I went up into the woods and met up with two friends, Tyler Smith, whom was armed with a scoped Mosin, and Daniel Bishop, whom was armed with an AK74 with a suppressor and Kashtan scope. I had a Mosin. At that point in time, we all started losing connection. I got kicked for "Battleye not responding." I tried multiple times to get on but kept getting kicked for the same reason.

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  • Emerald

Yeah like I said, the server was doing fine for a while so I figured it would be no problem to initiate and such but the server ended up dying out and "Jaroswav Pavowv" died while in hand cuffs due to crashing.

I completed the role play with Derek Pike and after that stayed on the server until I crashed.

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  • Sapphire

Thomas Harris here, What Cory said checks out. He died as a result of being handcuffed while crashing.

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  • MVP

Connection Logs:

03:45:36 | Player "Cory Romero"(id=) has been disconnected
03:57:42 | Player "Cory Romero" is connected (id=)
03:57:58 | Player "Cory Romero"(id=) has been disconnected
04:21:27 | Player "Cory Romero" is connected (id=)
04:21:59 | Player "Cory Romero"(id=) has been disconnected

03:40:33 | Player "Thomas Harris" is connected (id=)
03:41:04 | Player "Thomas Harris"(id=) has been disconnected
03:41:12 | Player "Thomas Harris" is connected (id=)
03:41:44 | Player "Thomas Harris"(id=) has been disconnected
03:41:50 | Player "Thomas Harris" is connected (id=)
03:42:21 | Player "Thomas Harris"(id=) has been disconnected
03:42:27 | Player "Thomas Harris" is connected (id=)
03:42:59 | Player "Thomas Harris"(id=) has been disconnected
03:44:25 | Player "Thomas Harris" is connected (id=)
03:44:57 | Player "Thomas Harris"(id=) has been disconnected

03:03:36 | Player "Andrew OReilly" is connected (id=)
03:49:11 | Player "Andrew Douglas"(id=) has been disconnected
04:22:48 | Player "Andrew OReilly"(id=) has been disconnected

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  • Emerald

Yeah, I kept crashing due to Session Loss, Battle Eye problems, etc.

Like I said I'm sorry that it all got ruined due to server problems.

Also that's the wrong Andrew.

If I would have known the server was going to die out like that I also wouldn't have cuffed you, the server seemed good to me.

Also if you would like to talk about it on team speak I can further explain what happened.

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  • Emerald

None from my side.

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  • Emerald

Jason here. I was there too with Cory, Andrew and Thomas.

My POV: Almost matching the majority of people's POVs here: We encountered the 3 individuals in Severograd. I was called over to assist. Cory proceeded to discuss with the men about their struggles in the past. We then intended to do our traditional initiation to proceed with our judgements. Muhammad then proceeded to run away as soon as Cory initiated. This was where I began to lose the plot as my FPS struck down from 30 frames to 5 at the most. Me and Andrew proceeded to chase Muhammad into the forest. This is where my POV ended as everything on my PC crashed as a force-restart randomly occured. (Thanks windows.)

Once I tried to re-join, there was no luck. I made repetitive attempts but had no luck. The server was completely dead and personally it was not wise to hold you guys up. I made the suggestion before-hand that maybe we should not make an initiation attempt in case the server's connection goes sour once again. Although that suggestion was somewhat bypassed.

To summarise: We are sorry for any inconvenience we caused you. However the initiation was for clear RP reasons as one of you experienced. Unfortunately one of you ran away and for the other person who was forced to respawn as they were in handcuffs I am sorry to hear this. However I was already gone by the time the handcuffing had occurred due to server problems. If you guys wish we can arrange to talk about it on the teamspeak to solve this problem peacefully but to state the main issue about this whole situation in general: You died due to a server restart in cuffs, something that was out of our control yet it was wrong for one of my boys to cuff you in the server's circumstances.

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  • Legend

Since it seems that you died from being kicked from the server, how would you like to continue with the report?

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If I did die due to a bug then I would like to leave it as a glitched killed me. But also I would like for them to try to listen to their allies more and also if they due see people getting kicked then to untie the people they have tied up.

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  • Legend

It is unfortunate but currently there is a bug in which handcuffed players will die when connection is lost. This game bug cannot be resolved currently but hopefully in the near future the DayZ Developers will find a fix.

Until the issue is fixed we would like to inform anyone that is handcuffing a victim to pay attention to the server performance and take into account server restarts (00:00am and 12:00pm server time). If you feel you can get away with not handcuffing a victim it is wise to do so.

We are sorry that this has happened


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