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Farming rp


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I was wondering about how should farming be put in roleplay. Having plants grow while having a short talk is somewhat strange. Should we state, that they were planted a while ago or just ignore the fact that it's quite fast?

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/Moved to questions

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Well it is a game mechanic what can be done about it?

I have seen a lot of farming ingame and it is indeed like that: set up the plants. Have talks. Watch the plants grow very fast and get the food. Everyone I met so far just ignored the fact and went on rping.

It always depends how you rp it out.

Does this answer your question?

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  • Sapphire

Hey there Nemes,

A lot of people, including myself, have the consensus that it's a game mechanic that you can just ignore in RP. Just like if someone's game crashes, you don't always have to role play the whole "Dude. I just passed out." It's an understood thing and would be cumbersome to RP due to it's frequency of occurrence.

Have the answers given been sufficient?

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Back to the question, as many have said its wise to not worry about it.

Its a game mechanic designed to help the player grow food rather fast than sit around watching it all day. When doing RP on the subject it would be wise to say you've been growing them for a while.

There are little steps you can do to make the process slower such as waiting on watering the seeds you have planted, not using fertilizer (just using the bag as a prop for example) making more plots ready for seeds and then RP that there are seeds there that are yet to grow etc.

Basically its all about how you RP the game mechanic. The examples above are things you could do to make the process of farming abit slower so that it shows immersion into that field of RP.

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Farming is a game mechanic. Most people tend to ignore how fast plants grow and just role with the Rp

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  • Sapphire

Hey Nemes!

As always many members of our community have graciously given examples of what they do, and others have stated how it's a game mechanic and unavoidable.

It's always best (usually) with game mechanics to try and make them a reality. Sure it doesn't sound right if you keep talking about your 15minute pumpkins, but it's easily RP'd out by not stating exact times and the such. In most cases it would be kinda crappy RP to be like ...


But by just accepting the game mechanic as real, we avoid any silliness.

I'm going to solve the thread, but anyone else that has any suggestions or discussion points about how they fit game mechanics into a reality type situation is very much welcome.

Questions like this probably help more people than just the OP, so they've very much welcome and appreciated. Thanking you for making the post.


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