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Ban Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I feel the verdict is not fair as we did not intentionally bait them, we were spooked as we tried to steal a car and they appeared out of nowhere. Later when we saw the guy at the bus shelter we decided to wave to him to show we were friendly, however the man must have thought that I stuck the middle finger up to mean we were hostile. We went into the red house to try seek refuge when they followed and entered. We warned him to leave when they open fired on me, killing me. My friend Ultimaterageeee then killed him. I admit it was bad roleplay on my part as I should have communicated with him. However we heard Russian voices in the town and as we were taken prisoner by a group of Russian's before this and had heard from other players that the group sometimes hang out in Zelenogorsk, we were cautious and spooked.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Originally we entered the town and saw an abandoned vehicle in the road. We then tried to get in the car and drive when we saw two guys running towards us. I thought it was the owners of the car so we exited and ran off. We then heard Russian voices in the distance and as i said earlier we became very cautious thinking it was the same group who took us captive before. I started to walk back to where the car was when a man walked out of the bus shelter right in front of me. I jumped thinking he would open fire on me as we tried to steal the car and I ran away back down the hill. Again i admit that was bad RP on my part. I saw he was not chasing me so i turned around and waved to him which he thought I was sticking my middle finger up at him. We then ran off. We located the voices coming from the Pub in the middle of the town and we thought we saw a prisoner in with the Russians and so we then thought it was definitely them. We then saw the man who walked out of the bus shelter go in and alert them that we were outside so we ran into a red house round the corner. A man then entered the house with a Russian accent and we yelled at him to leave the house when he opened fire on me and killed me. From viewing the video it seems they thought we were hostile and we thought the exact same about them.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Ban removed

What could you have done better?:

Talked to the men who approached us when we were in the car and the man at the bus shelter.

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After looking through all POVs and the video evidence provided in the initial report, we have come to the following conclusion.

We do expect more roleplay than what was shown in the video. Reading your POVs, both sides were justifiably skittish of each other, with your side believing you've had previous bad IC experiences with a group you may be encountering again. However, after reviewing the video evidence which is crucial for these accusations, we do not see enough to justify a full punishment in regards to the bad RP accusation. Keep in mind that roleplay is, of course, the top priority of our servers. Going forward, even a simple acknowledgement of the other side (aside from a wave or middle finger) may have prevented a potential report. With that said, please read the above and understand it as a verbal warning for future encounters.

The baiting accusation holds no weight and will therefore not be addressed, as there is zero evidence to support it.


Appeal accepted. Ban removed.

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