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The Andronicus Corporation [Open Frequency]


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*Casey, review over applications looks at his list of employees. He sighs and thinks of the amount of traders that linger around Zelenogorsk. He picks up his radio and holds down his PTT while leaning in his chair.*

"Good evening, people of South Zagoria and possibly further, some may recognize my voice. The name's Casey Halls, founder and Chairman of the Andronicus Corporation, stationed in the town of Zelenogorsk. We work in the professional dealership marketing, meaning that we will be the new UPS of today. Through recent times, I've been seeing may others who willingly trade around areas as "Merchants". To those who have experience in anything from IT to Marketing, the Andronicus Corporation needs you."

*He takes a breath, stands up and perches himself on a window frame.*

"Through the corporation, you'll be given a steady salary for your work, given what you are looking for. We have many job openings for scavengers, dealership apprentices and anyone with prior knowledge within business may get the position of a chief officer role. If you wish to speak to me further, I'll continue on this frequency, or if you wish to speak to me in person, I will be around the town of Zelenogorsk."

*He gets back into his chair.*

"This has been Chairman Casey Halls, speak to you all soon."

*Static returns to the broadcast as Mr. Halls continues to review applications.*

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