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Green Cross - Mastering Survival and Lifesaving Techniques
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Greetings Survivors!

Guest Fabsim

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Hi, my name is Fab, 27yo

I just applied for the whitelist and wanted to introduce myself to the community.

I played dayz for almost 300 hs now and thought its time for a change.

Its really a harsh world on pub servers as a friendly.

Im looking forward to meeting you ingame and making new experiences.

til then o/

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  • MVP

Hi! Welcome to our Community. :)

If you have any questions don't be shy to ask me. Always happy to help :)

We have a lot of talented RPers in our Community so I hope you will enjoy your time here!

Goodluck on the whitelist also!

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  • Sapphire

Welcome to the community friend! Hope to meet you in game and have some awesome RP! :)

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  • Sapphire

Welcome to the madhouse!

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