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Guest WaltteriH

Rules clarification to Newcomers.

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Guest WaltteriH

This is post for all the bambies by long-term non-rule breaking player.


• If you die, you cannot return to your body, exept if you died by a glitch.

You've found you're most desired item after weeks of searching for it and within the next hour you get killed. You've respawned back on chernarus coast and you know your dead body with all your previous items is just 3 minutes away. -You go to the opposite direction.

• If you had KoS rights on somebody before you died, they are gone.

• If you died in a firefight, you cannot return to it.

Common Sense

TP is a safezone, you cannot look into peoples cars, enter them, look into their backpacks, steal items or vehicles and prevent people entering/leaving. Not any hostile action cannot be initiated inside the blue dot on the map.

• KoS rights. You do not get them by watching somebodys livestream and watch the streamer die.

• KoS rights can only be handed inside the tagged clanmembers who are currently online/immidiate group. KoS rights last 6 hours unless you die until that. You cannot hire TP and load them in a bus and go bandit hunting, and then file KoS report when everybody dies. KoS rights are gaimed by being the victim of hostile action.

• Hostile actions. Hostile actions include, but are not limited to the following:

-You get shot at.

-Somebody orders you to do something you do not want. For example. Drop your weapon. If they are polite and say please, then you have no KoS rights, as they have not done hostile actions so you do not need to drop your weapons, and if they kill you -> KoS ban.

-Somebody is stealing your tents, vehicles or backpack items. Placing a car ot tent next to Cherno and shooting everybody who approaches, is RDM and therefore punishable.

-Somebody keeps following you persistently, even if you tell him not to. He must have followed for some time.

-Endangering you life. Pulling zombies to you on purpose, shooting around, reckless driving in the TP, etc.

• KoS reports. If you do not comply to the robbers orders, or fire at somebody/you are in group shooting at somebody, dont expect to be left alive. In that case, report will be invalid.

• Radios. If somebody robs you and says "drop your radio" or *takes off radio, you canot give info through TS or you get banned for metagaming.

• OOC talking. Do not talk OOC (Out-Of-Character) exept when you say "Out of character: randonirrelevandstuff." or type like "//randomirrelevantstuff\\".

• Robbing. You need to give accurate orders, but no macro/copy+paste robberies. Stop, this is a robbery, drop your weapons, backpacks and radios, dont look at us, lie down. with text, and voice Even if voice is available, it is recommended to initiate through text, as direct chat is not reliable, and make sure to be inside the chat radius. Give atleast 5-7sec until opening fire, unless if they start turning towards you, running away or shooting, then you can kill em'. If they are in their gear dropping their weapons/gun lowered, they are not a threat. Try to RP. Remember that text chat range is 30m, and voice chat range is 80m. Voice volume dampens through objects and distance. Do not expect somebody to hear you from over 30m away, if he is inside/behind a building.

• Robbing vehicles. To rob a vehicle, you need to make clear roadblock to slow/stop it, Not one tank trap in the middle of a road. consisting atleast 3+ tanktraps. Don't expect vehicle to hear you shout "Stop" while driving past you 70km/h.

You're searching for a car and after 1 week of effortless searching, you find a car in the Tradepost. The owner of the car isn't paying attention and you could take the car easily. -> Ban for initiating hostile action in TP.

• RDM. Random Deathmatch occurs when you initiate on somebody, and he gets killed by zombies, bleeding or you cause his death after he complied, unless there was a RP execution with good reason.

• No hacking.

Gonna add more stuff soon.

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Guest WaltteriH


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• Robbing. You need to give accurate orders (Stop, this is a robbery, drop your weapons, backpacks and radios, dont look at us, lie down) through with text, and voice (if voice is availavle), and make sure to be inside the chat radius. Give atleast 5-7sec until opening fire

Remember macro robbery/generic copy+paste messages are not allowed, so i recommend using voice.

If you want to use text, avoid long descriptive messages like "Stop the car, turn the engine off, drop your weapons and packpack inside the car" This will be seen as a macro. I would recommend something more in line with "Stop the car and turn the engine off!" and then use voice from there, explaining that in my case The Legion are seizing the vehicle and so on.

Regarding the 5-7 seconds, give them the time to respond/enter gear, there is no need to shoot them in gear if the gun is still equipped since they are no longer a threat to you, use common sense.

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Rolles Seal of Approval

But all this can/should be deducted from the rules and everyone who is whitelisted has read them. My solution for the bambis breaking the rules is a swift and harsh banhammer :)

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Guest WaltteriH

But the current rules are quite inaccurate and messed up. Maybe add link from there to here?

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Whitelisting Rule Quiz? ^^

would actually be awesome to have questions which ppl need to answer to get more intel about their character and their understanding of the rules.


You've found you're most desired item after weeks of searching for it and within the next hour you get killed. You've respawned back on chernarus coast and you know your dead body with all your previous items is just 3 minutes away.

How will you continue your game and also explain why.

You and a friend get robbed in Cherno, you decided to not comply and started a firefight with the bandits, in which you get killed. You choose to respawn and spawned near the area of the firefight, still hearing the gunshots of your friend and the bandits.

How will you continue your game and also explain why.

You rob another survivor who doesn't comply and starts shooting at you, you did not manage to kill him and he ran away. 4 hours later you see the guy you shot at and he starts shooting at you again and kills you on sight.

Was his reaction legit or not legit and also explain why.

You're searching for a car and after 1 week of effortless searching, you find a car in the Tradepost. The owner of the car isn't paying attention and you could take the car easily.

What will you do and explain why and also explain why it is legit or not legit to take the car.

Questions like these would make a lot easier in the end.

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The problem is people not reading the server rules, I'll be damned if they read a sub-thread about rule clarification.

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But only the Canadian ones are breaking the rules!

I hate you :(

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Guest WaltteriH

The main point is, even i do not understand rules stated in the Server rules, i just play how i played when the rules were clearer.

And this should be made Sticky on guides/rules.

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i like the quiz idea, make up an rp question fallout style lol

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Really nice, hope al the newbies will read this with their eyes on the screen.

I get sick of those trolling guys who are going all around your car in the TP and scream and do shit and stuff.... and don't mention the RPing.... that is just weak how they roll.

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Good initiative with clarification - well done.

About rule breakers etc etc - you can always help staff out, main problem with making order is lack or small amount of evidence - try to record whenever you can, if you have some proof (videos/screenshots or even good info) about rule offence - PM us with it so we can start working on that. Sooner or later the most annoying people will get banned, on our effectivness and cooperation from your side it depends how long it will take.

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Whitelisting Rule Quiz? ^^

OMG, I think this is an amazing idea.

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Finish it and fix some spelling errors and we can sticky it :D

And maybe edit the title?

Yeah true, clean it up and make it look formal..and we will see if it is worthy of a sticky.

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Allow me.


Here are some rule clarifications for newcommers.

The "New Life Rule" Simplified

If you die from anything other than a glitch, you cannot return to your body. Period.

All KOS rights you had against other players are nullified. You are no longer permitted to attack those players on sight.

If you are killed in a firefight, you are not allowed to come within the vicinity of that firefight. This means you must stay at least 1,000 meters from the firefight's location until you are absolutely sure the fight has ended, and even then, you cannot return to the site of your previous death.

The Trade Post

The Trade Post is considered a safe zone. This means that you cannot initiate any hostile actions while within the trade post or the road leading up to it.

Hostile actions are defined as the following:

  • Stealing from another player's backpack.
  • Looking through another player's vehicle without permission.
  • Repeatedly harassing/stalking a player after repeated requests to leave them alone. Verbal sparring doesn't count if it's kept in character.
  • Firing shots at or near another player. If you fire at someone's feet to intimidate them, they're justified in shooting you in the face.
  • Entering someone's vehicle and refusing to exit when asked to do so.
  • Attempting to drive off in someone else's vehicle without permission.
  • Blockading the entrance or a vehicle bay and preventing players from entering/leaving the post.

Performing any of the above acts in the trade post is grounds for disciplinary action, including bans.

KOS Rights

KOS rights are when a player has the justified right to fire on another player or group of players without initiating contact. Please be aware that while the rules technically allow for KOS rights, we prefer that all altercations be carried out via RP whenever possible.

KOS Rights Defined

Things that grant you KOS rights on others:

  • If you are robbed, you have KOS rights against all of those directly involved in the robbery. You do not have KOS rights against their entire clan or their friends.
  • If someone is actively robbing you, you are permitted to fire on them immediately rather than complying with their demands.
  • If you attempt to rob someone and they resist, you have KOS rights on them. Even if they escape, you are permitted to track them down and kill them provided you can do so within six hours.
  • If someone follows you consistently without your permission, or continues to follow you after being asked not to, you are permitted to fire on them.
  • If someone enters your vehicle and refuses to exit when you instruct them to. (Special rules apply, see "Vehicle Rights" below).

Things that do not grant you KOS rights:

  • Someone calls you a bad name or insults your mother.
  • Someone approaches you from behind and demands that you lower (but not drop) your weapon and identify yourself. You cannot fire on them unless they show clear hostility. Asking for ID is not inherently hostile, and you are not required to tell the truth.
  • One of your clanmates attempts to rob someone and they resist. THIS IS IMPORTANT! If your clanmates are the initiators of a robbery, only those present at the robbery have kill rights if the victim resists or escapes. Other members of the clan are permitted to initiate on the victim and hold him or her prisoner until the robbers arrive, but if you were not AT the robbery, you do not have kill rights immediately.
  • If someone in a vehicle traveling at speed doesn't stop just because you told them to as they drove by, you do not have kill rights on them, nor do they have them on you.

Special Considerations (Scenarios)

You approach a house looking for supplies when a voice comes over VON and says "This is my house. Get out of here or I'll shoot you." How do you think KOS rules work in this situation?

If you answered "He can't kill me if I enter", you're wrong. While it's not a robbery, players are permitted to make non-hostile demands of other players (such as 'leave me alone'), and are allowed to enforce those rules with violence, within reason.

Of course, the flip-side is that, since the house's occupant made his hostile intent clear, it is then permitted for you to fire on him if you decide to enter the house anyway.

You approach a man looting the barracks at an airfield and order him to drop his weapon. He complies, but a second later you are suddenly killed by a sniper out of the blue. Do you think you were KOSed?

The truth is, you were not. If you initiate hostility towards a player, any other player that witnesses the act or is informed of it by the victim is allowed to intervene and stop the robbery, even if that involves lethal force.

Good Samaritans be wary, however, as what you're watching may not actually be a robbery, and if you end up shooting someone that wasn't conducting a robbery, you can be banned for KOS yourself.

It is a known tactic to "bait" robbers by having someone pose as a hapless victim while their friends wait in the bushes with sniper rifles, only to pick off the bandits as soon as hostile intent becomes evident. This is a perfectly valid tactic, and illustrates the risks involved with banditry.


Metagaming is the act of having your character perform an action based on knowledge you have that he or she could not possibly possess. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Acting in a reckless/suicidal manner because you know that dying just means waking up on the beach.
  • Hearing someone's OOC comment about a roadblock, then ignoring the roadblock because of what you heard out of character.
  • Relaying any information over Teamspeak after your character has been killed or incapacitated.
  • If another player roleplays that they've physically removed your radio, gagged you, or otherwise prevented communication, continuing relay information over Teamspeak is considered metagaming.

Vehicle Rights

Owning a vehicle comes with several risks.

  • You only own a vehicle as long as you can keep an eye on it. Vehicles left unattended for more than ten minutes become free game, and any player can claim them after that much time has passed.
  • To gain rights over a vehicle, you must openly ask if anyone lays claim to the vehicle. You cannot simply watch the vehicle for ten minutes, then claim it, as the owner may be sitting a short distance away.
  • Just because you saw the owner leave TP or log out does not mean the vehicle is unclaimed.
  • In trade post, stealing a vehicle is a bannable offense and classified as a hostile act.
  • Outside of the post, you must remain within communications distance of your vehicle! If someone arrives and asks in voice or text if anyone owns the vehicle and nobody responds, they are allowed to take the vehicle, and you are not permitted to shoot them without first initiating contact and giving them a chance to get out of the vehicle and leave, unless you intend to rob them.


You are permitted to rob other players, but must follow several guidelines when doing so.

  • You must give clear, concise instructions and you must give victims adequate time to follow those instructions. You must give them at least ten seconds to comply unless they take an obviously resistant action, such as attempting to run or turn to fire at you.
  • If your victims are in a vehicle, you must allow enough time for them to transfer gear to the vehicle's inventory if you have ordered them to do so. Shooting victims in vehicles is generally not permitted unless they attempt to drive away, because a player in a vehicle cannot fire on you.
  • If a victim complies with your instructions, you are not allowed to shoot them!
  • You are not permitted to force victims to comply with actions that are clearly dangerous to them. You cannot, for example, order unarmed victims to exit a vehicle that is swarmed by zombies, nor can you order a player to crawl down stairs or jump off of buildings.
  • When you disarm a victim, you are responsible for their safety until you give them permission to leave. If you disarm a player and they are killed by zombies, you become guilty of KOS just as if you'd shot them yourself.
  • In the event that a robber is accused of violating the rules during a robbery, it is the robber's burden to prove otherwise. As the robber, you must be able to prove your innocence if your victim failed to comply and you were forced to shoot. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you use FRAPS to make recordings of your robberies in the event that you're forced to shoot your captives.


Roadblocks are like robberies, though a roadblock does not necessarily need to be hostile.

  • You cannot claim kill rights on someone for simply driving around your roadblock, especially if doing so barely requires them to leave the road.
  • You cannot claim kill rights on someone for avoiding your roadblock by taking another route, even if you have proof that they intentionally avoided it.
  • A roadblock must force a vehicle to slow down or stop. If your roadblock can easily be circumvented merely by driving onto the shoulder of the road, it is not a roadblock.
  • If someone stops at your roadblock, and then drives off before you initiate any form of contact, you cannot claim kill rights on them. A roadblock by itself does not constitute initiation.
  • Stopping a car at a roadblock is not considered a hostile action. However, ordering the passengers out of the vehicle is.
  • If someone forces their way through/around your roadblock after you've initiated hostility towards them, they have kill rights on you.
  • Conversely, blowing through/around a roadblock before the ones operating it initiate hostility does not grant the vehicle's driver or passengers kill rights on the roadblock operators.

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I have to say Lucia, that is very well written and clear.

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PM me when the finished product is ready to be posted and made a sticky.

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