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A Level 3 Hippy - Ponderings of Joseph Divone


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  • Emerald

New character hype! Well kinda new. Was playtesting him for a bit about a month ago. Now that James has passed on, ole Jo Divone is my new main guy. Enjoy the  musings!

Also if you're interested in following Joseph's travels further. I've got a stream where I broadcast the wanderings n such. http://www.twitch.tv/datbluewolf


*This tape-recorder is found somewhere between Staroye and Kabanino. Most likely in a church.*

*There is are two strips of masking tape on the back. Written on them in black sharpie is.*

Joseph Divone's


Return this whenever, man.

*When you press play a voice similar to Keanu Reeves from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure comes through in questionable quality*

*A brief moment of sounds of rustling about and the device being set down.*

Ah.. eh.. Heh... Alrighty then. Willy wheels are a' turnin' on this thing. Fingers criss crossed the mic is workin'.

*he half cough laughs* Aheh-hmm!

Hello listener! The voice your hearing is from uhh myself. Myself being Joseph Divone: Wandering Buddhist of these Wasted Lands. Heh, at your service.

Self proclaimed title. Get's people thinkin' you're an alright dude n such. Not to say that I'm not actually one, but more of just why I actually say it up front, ya know?

Sooo, anywho~. Found this doo-dad recorder thing and I figured I could make some use of it. Elaborate on ideas, idealogies, and how they apply to people n what not. Sort of like a stream of consciousness I spose.

Aheh. So! To get started. I figure knowing a bit about what I believe in and what sort of thoughts go through my skull would probably be for the best.

Uhhh, Buddhism and such to get things rollin' I guess. I'm a pretty uhh liberal buddhist if you could describe it like that. I don't really follow any particular teachings or anythin. Mostly just have a few general beliefs that kinda guide my actions, ya know?

*You can hear him tinker with something nearby. The sound of a match lighting and then the rustling of the material of a coat supposedly shaking the match out.* -- *He inhales slowly and then exhales.*

Ahh. Alrighty. Sorry bout that. Forgot to light up the inscense I whipped up.

Uhhhhh. Right! Beliefs.

First one. Karma. That's the biggin' folks. Actions having consequences. What goes around comes around. Be a shitty dude and shit shall come back upon you in a uhh, not so pleasant manner. And also like, vice versa. Be a good dude and good stuff's gonna happen to ya.

Now! Before you get all huffy n puffy like, "Naw man, this world's shitty. Bad shit happens to good people, man!"

And yeah milly-man it does. Shit happens. It's all about how ya handle it. If you let that shit weight you down, stress you out, and mess you up. Your life's just gonna get worse.

Ya gotta keep on keepin on, ya know? Think of it like a test of resolve ya know? Resolve not to be an asshat to that guy that took some beans from ya. Let someone else handle that dude. He'll get what's comin to em ya know?

Another thing you folks are probably thinkin about. "Jo Divone, man. What if someone's tryin to kill me?! Am I just supposed to just sit there?"

Nawwww man. Just letting that shit happen is bad karma man. It's pretty tough to tell one way or another what's gonna happen. BUT! As a general rule of thumb. At least for me. Do whatcha gotta do to get out of that shit alive, man.

Even if it means cryin like a bitch and gettin the shit kicked outta ya. You live another day. And hey, gives you a chance to get some distance between you an the fuckwads that tried to pull a fast one on you.

Oh, shit. This things' already lookin like it's runnin' outta tape or whatever. 

Later du


*The voice cuts off. There are a few other small tapes nearby. Seems like he sat here for awhile just talking to himself.*


The Second Tape

*On the white paper of the tape there is a number 2 written in Sharpie*

[align=left]Hello again! Sorry for that kinda weird cut-off, man. Didn't expect the thing to run out so fast. Mighta been someone else recording beforehand.

[align=left]Anywho, back on track with that whole weird philosophy thing I've got goin' on. Think of it kinda like a weird turn the other cheek type of thing. Take lil' ole me for example. Crazy clown folks cut out my left eye for some weird initiation thing and that shit hurt man. In the moment, pretty sure I went into shock so it didn't really feel like much of anything after this real sharp zing of pain, ya know?

[align=left]Basically, if I've got myself a death wish I can by all means go out and do that whole eye for an eye thing. Buuuuuuuut, we all know how that shit goes. Shit's gonna make the whole world blind. Or more likely just me bein' blind, heh. After all I'm just one duderino.

[align=left]Also kinda on that subject. One of those dude's really got to me with something he said. Pretty much, I told em I had killed three dudes in my time in the apocalypse, ya know? He says back to me, "How are you still a Buddhist? Aren't you guys not supposed to do anything violent?"

[align=left]And yeah man, as a Buddhist you're not supposed to. But the way I've been justifying it has been that I did what I had to. If I had just sat there and let him kill me that shit's basically suicide. And uhh.... Being honest I'm kinda scared to die.....

[align=left]I know a lot of folks I've met who I say to, "Yeah man, if it's my time to go it's my time to go." Blah blah blah.

[align=left]But personally I'd rather go on my own terms, ya know? I feel like there's more people out there that need someone like me to kinda lean on.

[align=left]But that also kinda begs the question. Am I actually a sturdy sort o support for em? I mean, I've been noticin' how I operate. I find someone, I help em, I move on. And what happens lately is that people keep asking why. Why am I not sticking around?


[align=left]*The pause is filled with a heavy sigh and seemingly far-off scratching noises*

[align=left]Honestly I don't really know why I don't stick around. It's not that I don't like the person and what not. I just have this feeling like I need to keep on goin. Like if I stay in one place too long I'll just waste away. Especially if it prevents me from gettin back on the road and runnin into folks. Probably part of the reason my shoes keep gettin all worn out. Can't stop movin', man.

[align=left]Heeeeh. Anyway. I need to figure my shit out, man. Kinda. I dunno. Part of me, deep down, wants some sort of vengeance. But I know that that's gonna lead to some major bad karma.

[align=left]Shit's tough man. Especially when it gets thrown right at ya.


[align=left]Welp! I'll be back later folks. Feet feel the need to get-a movin' as per usual.

[align=left]Later folks!

[align=left]*There is a brief shuffling noise as he pauses the recording.*


[align=left]*The recording continues. As it plays you can hear faint footsteps scraping on pavement and wind blowing loudly into the recorder.*

[align=left]Eyyy. Hello again whoever gets to listen to all this. Got another idea churning in my head. Err, more like something to sorta rant about I suppose.

[align=left]That thing would happen to be the idea of strength and weakness and the perception of it in people you meet and such..

[align=left]Almost forgot I had that first scar the Bros of the North gave me, been awhile since I've actually looked at my arm n such. Kinda doesn't help that my entire left side is kinda devoid of vision, but it's whatever.

[align=left]Anyway... Hmm? Oh, hang on, couple infected ahead.

[align=left]*The recorder is rustled against something that sounds like cloth. For a moment things are silent except for the wind, now much more faint.*








Ka-ching. Ka-chunk. 

"Fuck, there's more."

[align=left]*The cycle of loud bangs and the cycling of a bolt-action continue for three more rotations. In addition the pounding of the recorder against his leg as he starts to run. Eventually the sound of shoes on pavement turns soft and natural and slows to a stop. Everything is quiet. No wind. No gunshots. No pounding feet.*

[align=left]*After a few seconds the recorder is pulled out of his pocket. He's out of breath.*

[align=left]Whoo.. wow...

[align=left]Completely missed a few zam bambles on the left side... Turns out there were twice as many as I thought... Ran em out though...

[align=left]Probably gonna go back and lay the last of em to rest though... Right thing to do...

[align=left]*His breathing comes in pants for a few moments and you hear him spit.*

[align=left]Heh. Anyway. I've been likin' things up North lately. People are significantly nicer if you're nice to em.

[align=left]Lot more emphasis on respecting folks up here. I dig it pretty well. I'll always be sayin' the only things we've got left are respect, people, and time. So you best make the most of your time with people you respect..

[align=left]In addition you can take that in multiple variations, ya know? But it all amounts to basically the same thing with slightly different emphasis.

[align=left]S'good stuff...

[align=left]Yeesh, sun's low already. Cuttin it off here for now. Sorry it wasn't as philosophical as the usual.  I'll think up something later.


[align=left]---The tape ends.---

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To be honest when I read the title I was expecting something like "hey man, how you doing. Oh yeah by the way I'm a vegan and I vape. Oh yeah and legalize marijuana" but it turn out pretty good. Reminds me of the hippy radio guy in the movie 2012

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  • Emerald

To be honest when I read the title I was expecting something like "hey man, how you doing. Oh yeah by the way I'm a vegan and I vape. Oh yeah and legalize marijuana" but it turn out pretty good. Reminds me of the hippy radio guy in the movie 2012

That's a level one hippy, man. You never wanna be a level one hippy. :P

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  • Emerald

New entry added into the OP. Enjoy!

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  • Emerald

Thanks to your hippy powers Armada knows how to survive in this hell hole. Sadly he didn't listen and now you both have a missing eye.



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  • Sapphire

Had a really great session with you today. Looking forward to meeting you again sometime soon.

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  • Emerald

Had a really great session with you today. Looking forward to meeting you again sometime soon.

Yeah man, holy shit. I managed to get all of it recorded too.

Crazy day.

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  • Emerald

OP has been updated for some brief edits to the Second Tape as well as finishing it off. Enjoy!

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  • 2 months later...
  • Emerald

The Third Tape

It is smeared with dirt and flecks of plant fertilizer, but still playable.

[align=left]"Eyyy, hello again diary journal thing. Been a looong time since I pulled this thing out. This have been a changin' rather rapidly I must say, heh."

He adjusts his position on the ground, sitting against the concrete wall of a garage.

[align=left]"Well, gonna be honest I don't know where I left off on the last tape so I guess I'm startin' a bit from scratch here. For those that don't know, I'm Joseph Divone. I'm a wandering Buddhist sort of dude, I help people, I scavenge, I farm. I do what I can, heh."

[align=left]"I haven't been on the old wandering paths lately. Oddly enough I've found myself getting attached to a group lately. Folks called the Trust. Used to hang out with em on and off a few months back. Disappeared into the West for awhile, now back at it again. I think I've been hanging with em cuz I actually have something productive to do."

[align=left]"I make their fresh food, gather stuff to put things in. I got no need for it myself, but they sure seem to need a lot of it. I mean, they've practically doubled in numbers since the last time I saw em. that's a good thing I s'pose."

[align=left]"Weird stuff though, man. I generally try to keep a general sense of detachment to most things. Ya know since all of it is temporary n such. But oddly enough I've found myself getting almost too involved in some of these people's lives. I mean it's mostly in a helpin' role. Giving advice n such. But I've found myself actually getting angry, worried about them even. It's not really my place to, they've got their leaders and caretakers but I've got this urge to look out for some more than others."

[align=left]"Heh, guess I'm turning into some kind of hero or somethin'. Fuck it, now I just need a cape, heh."

[align=left]"Yeah... guess that's the update on ole me for now. Back to the grind!"

The recording ends.

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