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Permaban Appeal - Duping

Guest kipaja2

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Guest kipaja2

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

No link internal report.

Why the verdict is not fair:

There was no other way to catch someone else duping than to participate in it for once with them, although its hard to prove, all I was trying to do is helping the community out catching them. I couldn't just go and stand next to someone watching them do it, this was the only chance of catching him and I took it.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

After the situation happened I had a big dilemma, reporting him and risking myself getting perma banned or letting it collect dust in a empty folder of my computer. I decided to choose the second option for the time being. My best friend within the RP community was the only one with the knowledge that I had this video, somehow the admins found out and started questioning him, he didn't say anything without me knowing about it. I would have gladly given admins the proof, all I wanted was insurance that they wouldn't ban me for participating in the situation, they did not give me this insurance. Eventually they wouldn't let him go if he didn't give them my name. Him being a good guy, he asked me over TS to either take the perma ban or to give them my name, I told him to give them my name, this way we at least had a chance of us both getting out without getting banned.

Although I understand the statement that the staff team is trying to make, I think that this would not be the right solution, the reason being is that people will be afraid of handing in future evidence and that in this particular case the rule break was not intended for personal gain (getting weapons by exploiting the game's mechanics) but for the sake of the community, removing rule breakers from the community and improving the community as a whole. I myself don't care about the "gear" in the game, I don't care if I have a FN fal or a glock pistol, all I'm here for is to have fun with fellow community members and mainly to enjoy Roleplaying with them. If I did it just for my personal gain, exploiting the game mechanics, trying to get rare weapons I would not have recorded it, that would be the last thing a rule breaker would do and especially handing it to an admin in the end.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Making the ban strike temporary.

What could you have done better?:

Not participating in any form of duping, even if it was to catch someone else, perhaps informing a staff member beforehand.

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  • Legend

This is what you said when I spoke to you last night in TeamSpeak (after trying to get you on TeamSpeak for 30+ minutes).

"I want you to know, I did it only once with Makarov to make sure that he wouldn't fuck me in the future 'cause then I'd fucking counter report him."

Listening to you say that doesn't give off the idea that you did what you did in order to catch a rulebreaker. If you intention was to catch a rulebreaker, why did you not get in contact with staff immediately? Why sit on it and cause us to spend time speaking to various different people in order to get the video?

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Guest kipaja2

At first the Idea was to use it to report him, I thought I'd get banned in the process myself though as I was involved however the reason I kept it was to counter report him in case he fucks me over when he for some reason didn't like me in the future, he seemed to have very different ideas in dayzrp than me, for example he likes to rob people whilst I'm completely against it. I didn't like him very much being in the same group as me because he was in my view ruining the reputation of our group by going around robbing random people we didn't know and torturing them, for that same reason I was thinking of getting him kicked out somehow. I had quite the idea that things were getting a bit tense so I kept the video in case that would ever happen. I just didn't want to take the risk getting banned myself. At the time I didn't know the stories that he duped a lot either.

I completely understand what you mean, however it was mispercepted, it had a different meaning behind it.

I feel like if I duped for the sake of getting "gear" I could have just told you something like "I don't have the video anymore" or something similar, instead I showed you the video risking myself as well in the process. I can assure you with certainty that I have never duped apart from that situation, and the only intent was to help out the community.

Either way I'm sorry for waisting your valuable time on me, I should have reported it much earlier and my language could have been better yesterday.

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  • MVP

Hello kipaja, 

Allow us to first point out the obvious rule break here; duping gear. By exploiting the glitches that allow you unlimited amounts of gear, you are in fact hurting the community and the people within this community who play by the rules --even if you believe your actions are for the greater good. 

To refresh your memory, the infraction as it appears in the "DayZRP Community Rules" goes as follows:


In addition to this, you admitted to an admin that you broke this rule and recorded in order to blackmail another community member. Guilty party or not, we don't allow that kind of attitude within the community. If you are to report a rule break, you must not break a rule yourself as two wrongs don't make a right. 

We as staff recognize that while you believed your intentions were for the betterment of the community, we hope you realize your delusion. Participating in the rule break, then handing in evidence does not redirect the blame off of yourself. It is our hope that you learn from this situation and make note that you are responsible for your actions, and that putting fault on others for your own actions can be a harmful outlook on life. 

Appeal denied. Posting right revoked.

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