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Hello Everyone

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Hey guys,

I'm hopefully going to be a member of the community soon (assuming everything goes well with Whitelisting) so I just wanted to introduce myself. I've never actually played on any DayZ RP servers, but I have played the Standalone a decent amount and I've played the Arma 2 mod before that. I have role playing experience outside of gaming with Dungeons and Dragons as well as with Stars Without Number, so I'm hoping that I'm okay role playing in DayZ.

Hopefully I'll be playing with you all soon enough and hopefully I live up to the role playing expectations everyone has.

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  • MVP

hey zamooo,

welcome to the community & good luck with your whitelist!

let me know if there are any questions- just pm me :)

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  • Sapphire

Hello and welcome to the DayZRP Community!

I recommend you to take a look in to the Guides and Tutorails forum section. It helped me a lot after I joined the Community.

I wish you good luck with getting on the whitelist. If you have any question you can contact a Community Helper or hop into the Helpdesk in TS.

Have fun on DayZRP! :D

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It was great having you in TS with some of the group tonight. Hopefully once everyone is on we can get together again and meet in character. If you have any questions just shoot me a message or find me in TS.

Have fun and good luck!

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  • Emerald

Welcome to the Community!

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