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[Active] Kochevniki - Nomads [Recruiting]


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The idea behind Kochevniki - "the Nomads" - is to represent Russian culture to our best ability and to offer a group for people that like to play Russian characters but haven’t found other people to RP with. The has been picked based on the fact that this name will probably be used when the group is mentioned in game. We want to distance ourselves from the “classic” concepts of Russian military groups, or left-wing radicals  and want to emphasize on a more simple civilian and paramilitary approach - more on that later. Just like many people are playing as Chernarussians, Kochevniki will play as survivors of Russian origin. This includes ethnic Russians living in the northern Parts of Chernarus and South Zagoria and the south-west parts of Russia.

Kochevniki is a passive group. This means that we will not actively engage in hostilities unless we are provoked. Self defence will be the focus. We stick to ourselves and have each others’ backs. However, internal hostilities are not prohibited.

The major part of the group will be the nomadic style of life. We will settle down in a major building, e.g. a Hospital, for a few days or weeks and then move on and find a better location. This is to on one hand offer a form of settlement to the community and on the other hand ensure safety from bandits and raiders.

The individuals within the group will each have their own sets of skills and knowledge, e.g. a local ethnic Russian would know his way around South Zagoria, meanwhile a cook would also know how to prepare food properly. This contributes to another concept of the group and that is internal RP. A reoccurring theme I have noticed in a lot of groups I have been part of during my time here, is the lack of role play between group members. The groups that have focused on internal role play allowed for great character development and stories to tell.

The Paramilitary aspect of the group will be based on:

  • Everybody during this time of the infection more or less has knowledge of handling a gun. Members of the group may have a military background. Be it being an actual soldier in the past or from the civil unrests of 2014 in Crimea, Ukraine.
  • The group has designated guards who are responsible for the group’s safety. Former soldiers will pass on their knowledge to other group members with drills and weapons training. Every role within the group should be able to host these mini events depending on the character’s skills and knowledge.

Goals - IC & OOC


- establishing various hideouts in the region -

- securing value resources for the hideouts -

(e.g. hospital generators, fuel)

- helping out loyal survivors

(preferably but not only of

Eastern European origin)

- establishing trade relations with the locals -

- scouting out the region of South Zagoria -


- to provide a group for Russian characters -

- to present an alternative to the leading Chernarussian groups -

(this does not mean we will attack these movements)

- to establish another settlement for the community -


Throughout history Russia had rather depressing appearance. Be it the oppression under the Tsar’s, the blood filled first democratic then socialist revolution or the Great Patriotic War, also known as World War II, when millions upon millions of Russian men and women lost their lives. More recently the weak economy due to embargoes by the European Union caused by the annexation of Crimea and last but not least the Infection itself. The vast country struggling to fend off the infected on the one end while the other isn’t even aware of it or fighting in Crimea for their independence. The infection conquered city after city, region after region until the whole country was taken in by it.

But even through these dark times the Russian people never forgot to look at life happily, to  celebrate the bright times, the victory over the enemy, or simply being alive.



It wouldn’t be a big surprise to encounter a Russian man or woman in Chernarus, considering the countries are neighboured and the northern regions of Chernarus are populated by ethnic Russians. Major cities like Novorossiysk or Sochi, known for the Olympic games of 2014, are just a few kilometers away from the small state of Chernarus.


This group’s origin lays in the city of Novorossiysk. When the infection made its way to the main city it hit hard. The local Airborne and Guards Motor Rifle divisions had fended off the first initial waves but once the main part of the local population was taken by the disease only a few handfuls of survivors still roamed the city. Eventually these strays would run into each other. Some of their greetings were filled with lead, others with relief and hope. Groups had formed after the first few weeks of getting used to the new world were over. Some stayed inside the city, claiming easy to defend locations, like the “Mikhail Kutuzov”, a soviet Sverdlov-class cruiser turned into a museum years ago, others ventured out to seek safer regions.



This group of individuals belong to the second ones. On one hand motivated by the dire need for supplies, on the other hand kicked out of the city by roaming raiders and hostile folks, they left the city in late summer. Not knowing the origin of the infection they wandered the way of least resistance: along the coast. Eventually they had the Black Mountains on the border to Chernarus in their sight. Thinking the harsh environment up in the mountains will drive away the infected as much as it will the bandits they decided to settle in the mountains.


However, the harsh winter that awaited them in the mountains was not what they expected. Not being used to cold winters the former residents of the coastal city suffered a high number of losses to the cold. Barely surviving the first two months of the winter, the tight-knit group realized that it had to go back to coastal regions with stable temperatures throughout the year in order to survive the next winter. And therefore they wandered south, into the small province of South Zagoria, known to them only as a region struck by the civil war of 2008, hoping they will find a better place to live in.


Since this is not a military group we don’t have ranks, but roles.



Yakov Ivanovich Medvedev

- guard -

- leader -

Yakov Ivanovich Medvedev, born in Novorossiysk, the now 36-year old elitist Russian has

spent most of his life studying until he was drafted in the military, which he left after his

mandatory time was served. Once the infection overran the city he joined the group which later

on would travel to Chernarus. During the group’s time in the Black Mountains they had lost the

initial leader of the group, Maxim Rodchenko. It was at this time when Yakov took the position as

the leader of the group.


[spoiler=Boris - Vitalik - Sasha]

Borislav Levovich Ivanov

- guard -

- medic -

Borislav Levovich Ivanov was born in Novorossiysk, a coastal city in Russia, near Chernarus.

Borislav had a pretty normal and quiet life, a boy growing up with a passion for medicine and

with a stable financial situation among his parents, Borislav graduated and became a medic

just before the infection broke out. Once it did, Borislav saw fit to join the Nomads in their

travels. Although he never practiced medicine outside of a hospital, he became a field medic

for the group.

Vitaliy Adreanovich Gagarin

- guard -

- hunter -

- cook -

Vitaliy Adreanovich Gagarin is an ethnic Russian from Zelenogorsk. He is one of the older

members of the group and served in the Chechen Wars long ago. Gagarin is also a former

inmate of the notorious Prison Island, but those years are long behind him. Today this sullen

Russian lends his watchful eye to the Nomads, to protect his brothers and live a safe nomadic


Alexander Konstantinovich Vyacheslav

- guard -

- scout -

Alexander Konstantinovich Vyacheslav was born in the coastal city of Novorossiysk. From a

young age he always loved travelling and hiking so the nomadic life was nothing new to him.

He was conscripted into the Russian Army straight out of high school and was undergoing

basic training for the  7th Mountain Division when the infection hit. He joined up with the

nomads shortly after abandoning the now destroyed Novorossiysk military base.


[spoiler= Dima - Spartak]

Dimitri Igorovich Myroslova

- guard -

- overwatch -

Dima was born to Russian parents 5 years prior to the fall of the soviet union. Living in

Novorossisyk he was fascinated by the VDV from a very young age. His mother worked at the

local produce store and his father was a business man and wanted Dima to follow in his

footsteps. Dima who was always around his grandfather who was an Ex-Army officer was

intrigued always listening to his war stories about the Russian invasion of Afghanistan was not

interested in what his father did. Dima's grandfather was always taking him hunting and fishing

in the mountains which turned Dima into a crack shot. He joined the VDV, his childhood dream

and was posted to the 7th Mountain guards division in Novorossisyk his home town. His

marksmanship led him to be Marksman for his squad, which he was very happy about. Dima

was always on top during training in the mountains as this is where him and his grandfather

where most of the time, he new the mountains like the back of his hand.

Spartakus Konstantinovich Vyacheslav

- guard -

- mechanic -

Spartacus Konstantinovich Vyacheslav was born to a Ukrainian mother and Russian father in

the coastal city of Novorossiysk in 1985. Growing up he avoided military service as he did not

deal well with authority and ended up joining a street gang. After a short time in rehab he

joined his childhood friend in a mechanic company and lived a peaceful life.

During the civil war in Ukraine he volunteered to fight, and signed up for the Somali Battalion

under the command of the notorious ‘Givi’. After sustaining injury he was sent home to

Novorossiysk where he was when the infection hit. He joined his brother Alexander and

now ventures on with the Nomads.


Interested in joining? We are always looking for new members, regardless of age and experience. Just fill out this format and sent it to Fox.

Your character does not have to be Russian but should at least be able to speak Russian and/or be of Slavic/Russian origin.

If you choose to play a character that has been part of the group since their departure from Novorossiysk you will not need

to fill out the backstory part. You will receive help from the group when writing it so you can establish already existing

relationships between your character and other members.

We are currently looking for more civilian centered characters, e.g. mechanics, doctors, etc. You can still apply for a position a guard.

DayZRP Experience:
Previous Clans:
Experience with Russia/Russian culture:
Why would you like to join the Kochevniki?:
Your activity in a week:
Brief backstory:
Character skills:
What role would suit you best?:
Suggestions for the group:

After your application has been reviewed and accepted you will be invited to a Teamspeak meeting and an IC meeting. After said meetings you will either be welcomed to the group or denied.


Met our group in-game? Want to leave feedback on the thread? Then feel free to use this format:

Server, Date, Time:
Small description of the event:
On a scale 1-10, how much did you enjoy the encounter?
What was the best thing about the encounter?
Anything we should improve on?



Thank you for reading through the thread. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

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  • Legend

Hello, we are Cerna Liska.... We shall initiate on you every encounter and cut your balls off.

Thanking you for being a willing sacrifice.

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  • Sapphire

Hello, we are Cerna Liska.... We shall initiate on you every encounter and cut your balls off.

Thanking you for being a willing sacrifice.


On a side note, I do know this will cause hostilities but I am pretty sure that both sides are mature enough to not let it escalate. At least not that much.

I hope...

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  • Sapphire

Can confirm. Balls will be removed

Good luck with group Fox!

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  • MVP

Good luck with this Fox.

We'll be seeing each other IG ;)

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  • Legend

Hello, we are Cerna Liska.... We shall initiate on you every encounter and cut your balls off.

Thanking you for being a willing sacrifice.


On a side note, I do know this will cause hostilities but I am pretty sure that both sides are mature enough to not let it escalate. At least not that much.

I hope...

Mature? Liska? Yes...yes....of....course........ Escalate? Of couse...always...

See you in game, fox should be with his Fox compadres.

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  • Sapphire

Looks really good, best of luck!

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  • Emerald

Nice to see a russian groups around also! Good Luck!

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  • Emerald

Yay! More Russia!!!

I may consider joining this group one day as Bazinov ;)

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  • Emerald

Love the idea! Good luck

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Looking brilliant Fox! The good grammar makes me happy :D

Would be a perfect group for me as "Ryssen" directly translates to "The Russian" from Swedish.

But yeah, filthy ruskis, gotta remove you from our country as a Liska ;)

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  • Sapphire

I really appreciate the feedback.

Thanking you.

If you find anything that might make the whole group better/add to the experience, let me know.

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  • Sapphire

Welcome guys, the group looks fun!

I wish you good luck. ;)

( You will need it )

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  • MVP

Oh my.. Cerna Liska won't be happy about this.

Either way.. Good luck!

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  • Sapphire

Threads looking real good Fox best of luck! :)

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  • MVP

Great idea! Good luck, watch out for those russian haters!

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  • Emerald

Too much Russian group man... Too much.

This group is actually one of the first Russian Federation type groups I have seen in a while.

Zbor and Cerna Liska are Chernarussian parties, they have no connection to Russia, just South Zagoria.

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I like the look of the thread, The goals are a tad open ended. Does that mean you're more or less willing to evolve new goals depending on the members who join you? Or do you have a solid direction in mind?

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