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The Story of Patryk Trela

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This is the story on how my character Patryk Trela made it to Chernarus!

*Just as a side note English is not my first language and although I have been speaking it for a while my grammar isn't the best enjoy :) 

August 16 2014

Patryk Trela lives in Upstate New York with his girlfriend Veronica who he has been together with for about 3 years and he is about ready to pop the question to her. She was the girl of his dreams she was everything he could ask for. Patryk was a very big hunting enthusiast and so was his brother Tomacz. They both took every chance they had to go out and go hunting or just to take some shots at the shooting range. Today was one of those days.

The two were waiting for a stall to open up at the range when Tomacz spots ad on the wall talking about hunting in a place called South Zagoria that boasted about having some of the biggest Elk and Moose on the earth. The two realized that it would probably be the best hunting trip of their lives and one that they will remember forever even if they don't shoot any animals. Thus instead of waiting for the stall to open up they went back to Pat’s House and started planning the trip.

The tickets there were at least a thousand dollars each! Because of this Veronica insisted on not coming with them (She just wanted to see the sights and the views) but Patryk insisted as he thought it would be the greatest place to propose to her. With enough convincing later she decides that she will go with them. For the rest of the night the three drink beer and talk about their trip.

October 5 2014

The well awaited trip has finally come and the bunch are packing all of their belongings. A few days ago Patryk purchased a beautiful ring for Veronica and he double, triple, if not quadruple checked to make sure it was packed nice and safe in a small unnoticeable pouch in his carry on bag. After all the packing they all make their way to the airport and soon enough onto the plane to Sochi. Once they made it to Sochi they would get on a smaller plane that would fly them to Chernarus since there is not a big enough airfield in the country that a commercial airline would be able to land on.

October 7 2014

The trip was long and uncomfortable but when they finally made it onto Chernarussian soil it was well worth it, the place was beautiful!

When they got into the little airport they were greeted by their guide who will be showing them around and helping out with the hunt. The group packed into his small off road car and started heading for the summer camp they will be staying at near a little town called Tisy. The group were very Jet lagged and decided to take the first day off.

October 10 2014

    For the very first few days of hunting there was no luck at all. They did not even see anything except for maybe some squirrels and Hares. While on the car ride back there were reports of some kind of virus in a small town not that far away, but Patryk and Tomacz did not let this ruin their trip as since this was a third world country they thought it was a normal thing and will be dealt with soon.

October 12 2014

    While in their cabin listening to the radio it said that an entire town was quarantined because of the virus. At that point the group wanted to get out of this country as soon as they could but soon realized that all the airports and access to the country was cut off. The best they could do is wait it out it shouldn’t be that bad they thought, it will soon pass over.

October 17 2014

    They have been inside their cabin for days now, they have not seen their guide since the 13th and their radio has been buzzing with news of the virus spreading closer and closer to their location. It was at this point Tomacz suggested that we leave and start heading for the border of Russia. And so they did but before leaving Patryk takes the Winchester Model 70 the brought along with them for their trip, a box of 20 rounds, a map that was hanging on the wall and the ring that was for Veronica. When they were outside the camp was abandoned a few people who were still in their cabins decided to tag along for their journey to the border.

October 23 2014

    On the radio they brought along they heard many scary stories of people coming back to life after they have died and that the entire city of chernogorsk was in chaos. The group could not believe what was happening in this country some start to cry at the sound of all of this but they have to keep on going to make it to Russia and hopefully, Home.

October 25 2014

    They have been traveling for days most of the other campers have decided to stay behind since they could not stand the hunger and pain of walking miles for the border. But finally they see it the long awaited border. Everyone felt a rush of relief seeing that Russian military was right by it ready to take them away from here. They start heading for the border line. It was to far to see what the military were doing but there was certainly some commotion by the closest of the soldiers to where they were. Suddenly all that was heard were loud booms and cracks as a rain of bullets fell upon them all Patryk was even clipped by one in the arm. With that Patryk stumbled but got straight back up and bolted back for the forest, he heard screams from the group but did not go and help them as pure adrenaline was controlling him to run and not stop. When he got into the forest he realized no one else was with him while clenching his arm. The soldiers have stopped shooting at him so he took his rifle and looked through the scope only to find Veronica and Tomacz lying there in the field, dead. He was filled with shock he dropped his gun breaking the scope and fell down sobbing. Patryk lied there for at least an hour wishing that he was dead with them. “It was my fault” He thought to himself “I didn't stop to help I just ran to save my own skin”. And so he lied there sobbing for the entire night, cursing himself.

October 26 2014

    When he woke up he could not live with himself. He picked up the Winchester that now has a broken scope and put it under his chin. He could not accept what he has done and wants to kill himself, but he can't bring himself to it. With that he stands up and reaches into his pocket where the Engagement Ring is. He looks at it for a good minute or two and clenches it in his fist, and starts heading back into Chernarus.

May 13 2015

    It has been nearly half a year since the death of Veronica and Tomacz. Since that day Patryk has just been wandering around loathing about it. He tried his very best to stay away from everyone he sees fearing that he will just end up befriending them but leaving them to die like he did for Veronica and Tomacz. However after half a year of avoiding human interaction he finally meets a man by the name of Zed Muto. The two have a chat and soon enough Zed introduces Patryk to the Regulators. When Patryk sees this wonderful group of people he realizes that he has found something that is right for him.

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