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Guest A-Sniper

The Story Of Vladimir Pechov

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Guest A-Sniper   
Guest A-Sniper

My name is Vladimir Pechov. I worked for the First Socialist Party for three years before an operation ran afoul. I was blacklisted. Stuffed in the back of a van and driven to the execution point, my once-friend criminal accomplices accompanied me through Chernogorsk.

Before I could be shot, however, we hit someone in the road. The van screeched to a halt. The driver got out to check if what we hit was alive. I heard the back door open (but saw nothing through the wool hood drawn over my face) and some odd noises. Lots of scraping, then screaming. It was Lenin, the one with the pistol. There was gunfire. What the fuck was going on? Then Putin and Michael started screaming. I was knocked down. The hood was torn from my face. There were four gray people, climbing into the van, eating my executioners.

Desperately, I took the pistol from the deceased Lenin and leapt from the van. I was chased all the way to Green Mountain.

There Was Soldiers about 9 and a helicopter getting ready to start off it was loud the soldiers were telling me to get down and freeze they were firing bullets at the grey faced people i crawled towards the soldiers the put me in the heli and touched off as the zombies breached the gates of Green Mountain.

As the heli was in the air i noticed a distinctive bite mark on a soldier, i quickly got a parachute and jumped, the soldiers started taking shots at me right gunner got bitten from the infected soldier bit into the gunners neck he fell out of the heli.

The heli plowed into the ground hard and was engulfed in flames everyone dead instantly.

I'm now a one man army with one quest

To Survive

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