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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-28 00:53

KoS S1 - NWAF - 23.01.2016


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Server and location: Server 1. NW air field

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  23-01-2016 approx 13:00 - 14:20

Your in game name: Aires Chri

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none just 2 witnesses that I didn't get the name of

Detailed description of the events: I was shooting zombies at NW air field when all of a sudden I get shot in the lower body and the guy takes off running into the woods and 2 people come up to me and help me bandage and we go look for him but he is gone.

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  • Emerald

Harry Wells: Pov -

Myself and Aleksei were at NWAF selling tents to passers by when the "suspect"-Chad Johnson- comes up to us and trades one off of us. He then leaves but returns 5 mins later and asks why "Talon" is shooting over there on the airstrip, I say I dont know.. he raises his SKS and proceeds to shoot Talon. I ask him why and he replies "to shut him the fuck up" . He then flee's and I think combat logs.

I have a report open aswell and if staff require to close that as this one is now open please feel free to do so.


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  • Sapphire

Disconnect/Connect Logs:

12:01:04 | Player "Aires Chri" is connected.
13:17:27 | Player "Aires Chri" has been disconnected.

12:34:18 | Player "Chad Johnson" is connected.
13:00:20 | Player "Chad Johnson" has been disconnected.

Hit Logs:

12:59:09 | "Chad Johnson SHOT Aires Chri by SKS_Black into RightLeg."
12:59:09 | "Aires Chri STATUS S::500 B::4500 H::4800 HP::0."
12:59:09 | "Chad Johnson SHOT Aires Chri by SKS_Black into RightLeg."
12:59:09 | "Aires Chri STATUS S::1000 B::4000 H::4600 HP::0."
12:59:09 | "Aires Chri STARTS BLEEDING."
13:00:03 | "Aires Chri STOPS BLEEDING."

Calling Chad Johnson to this report for his full PoV.

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  • Sapphire
Chad Johnson you have 24 hours to reply with your full PoV. You have been temporary banned from the servers until you do so.
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  • Emerald


Hope this helps? I didn't record the shot.. as well.. it was so fast and not really anticipated..   but this shows him running away and swearing after saying "that will shut the fucker up" to which I reply "you shooting at a person?" - "Yeah those fuckers shooting over there"

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My story is I bought this tent off a guy in a pink jacket, as soon as I did that I heard gunshots that I thought were directed towards us. So I ended up pulling out my gun and shooting in the direction of the shots to try to scare off whoever was shooting at us, then I realized I hit someone it was a complete accident. I didn't mean to hurt anyone after I realize I hit him I started running away because I didn't want to die. I realize it was not the right thing to do and I made a huge mistake. I swear I will never do anything as stupid and careless. And message to the man I shot honestly I am so sorry and I apologize I did not mean to shoot you an even worse I just left you bleeding it was a very stupid decision and I regret it I hope you can accept my apology. :(

I Never said "that will shut the fucker up" but the rest of the quoting is true

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  • Titanium

Chad Johnson your temporary ban has been removed.

Keep your eye on this report in case of further questioning otherwise your temporary ban will have to be re-added.

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  • Sapphire

Verdict: Chad Johnson | Guilty Attempted KoS & Combat Logging. 


Attempted KoS:

Chad Johnson the reviewing party have looked over the evidence and came to the conclusion that you are guilty for both of these rule breaks. From your PoV you apologise and make it clear that you have done wrong. With this being said you still can't run around the server and presume that someone is taking shot's at you. 


Making contact can provide you with more explanation than just being trigger happy and reacting like this is a Public Server. We are a role-playing community. 

A tip in the future make contact with them and role-play out the situation. Maybe act on edge questioning them about the shots and since you know you instantly made a mistake you could of made attempt of approaching him and role-play out apologising that you panicked and shot at him and this would of added towards your character development. Don't make the mistake of attempting to kill them for shooting their weapon.

Combat Logging: 

After realising you did wrong you run away and log out just over a minute of committing the action. In the rules it states: 


You obviously broke the line of sight however you did not wait the 15 minute timer which is required minimum you have to wait without receiving contact or taking fire from the enemy. This giving the person you shot at no time to hunt you down and have a chance of finding out what was going on and why you shot at him in the first place. Even though this was a mistake you still need to wait the 15 minutes to allow them the chance to find you seeing as you granted them KoS rights.


Chad Johnson | Guilty | Combat Logging & Attempted KoS | 5 Day ban + 1 Ban Strike + Whitelist Revoked.

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