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A message to my friend, and to all

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*With blood running down Joey's arm he lifts his radio to his mouth and speaks.*

"....Those clowns.....the damn clowns.."


"This is Joey.. I'm trying to contact my friend...the one who stitched up my face."

*Joey leans back against a tree.*

"Look buddy, the clowns got me, they took my radio and scrambled the station, so I'm scanning to try and find the right frequency. Look man...they messed me up pretty good.. They didn't mess me up as bad as you, but I'm bleeding a bit. If you can hear me...watch your back."

*Joey tries to bandage his arm.*

"And If anyone knows how  to properly treat wounds then I need some help.........please...."

*Joey  drops his radio and tries to think of where Peter might be*

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  • Emerald

*At the sound of another person being hurt by the clowns Matt decides enough is enough and pushes his PTT*

"All I have heard the past couple of days are these goddamn clowns

*Takes a deep breath*

First there is me, then my friends and now some guy I haven't met before, all these fucking clowns do is run around and just hurt other people...

*Sighs and then continues broadcast*

When can someone just gather up a group and kill these fucking assholes... I am sorry about your injuries but I can't do anything about that. But in the bigger picture these people need to die...

*Matt ends his radio transmission and walks off to check on his friend who recently got tortured by the Masquerade*

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  • Sapphire

*The man wearing a ruined Dallas mask hit the transmit button on his radio*


*Transmission ends*

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  • Sapphire

*Peter hears the transmission and replies*

"Yeah, my friends and I are dealing with the situation as we speak. Remember where we first met? Go there. We can have a private conversation.

Just know that it's all being dealt with right now. Those clown fucks are going to pay.

*Releases the PTT button just in time to hear the honking sound*

"Why don't you stop hiding behind the fucking radio and come honk that thing in my face. Trust me, your death will be very quick.

Next person I see with a clown mask gets a bullet to the fucking skull."

*Releases the PTT button again and proceeds to use water from the well to wash his skull balaclava*

*Says to himself* "Blood stains are the hardest to get out of these masks."

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  • Sapphire

*Sal turns on his radio *thick Boston accent is heard**

Clowns? Ah you shoore you seen fuckin clowns? I fine this had to believe. But I mean, anythin is possible huh.


*turns off his radio*

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