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Cheers! and my story

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Hi everybody!

I just did my application for the whitelist I really like the world created here so far.

I hope I can join your ranks ingame too.

Here is my backstory, hope you like it:

I'm Mark Noble, a 22 year old man from England. I followed my parents as a UN humanitarian worker, and took place as a co-pilot of a twin engine cargo plane doing cargo turns wherever the supplies were most needed. Between 2011 and 2013 I went on some missions in Africa while still learning electric engineering at UCL. After graduating in June, 2014 I joined a mission relieving the territories ravaged by the conflicts in Takistan. Altough the captain and I heard rumours of riots in Chernarus, we did not think it was that serious until our coordinator announcead on the 21st of October, that we have to transfer our operations base to a remote mountain airstrip somewhere in the Black Mountains. Once we arrived with the last equipments, a russian military squad arrived and their leader said that we can't take off until further notice. We could not contact our coordinator, so we had no chance, but to comply with them. We were taken to the temporary office of the airstrip along with the technical personnel from the supply station. After 2 or 3 hours all of a sudden we heard gunshots originating from the hangars. The soldiers guarding the building told us to stay inside and rushed in the direction of the shots. More gunshots followed and a burst hit the windows of the building. Just moments later a group of dark figures in ragged clothes rushed into the building knocking down the men from the depo. I just stood there for a moment before I realized they were tearing the throats of the men with their bare hands. My memories are somewhat cloudy of the following minutes, blood rushed into my head and I only reckon jumping out through the broken window, and running away as fast as I could. As I made my way downhill I looked back only to see the remaining group of soldiers being overrun by those figures. After that I just ran until I could before I tripped on a tree's root and I fainted. When I woke up who knows how many hours later, I couldn't even recall which way did I came from. I noticed a few buildings on a nearby hill and I headed off to get some help from them...

Ps. It's unfortunately not the whole story I accidentally cliked the back button in my browser and couldn't get back the data. Looking forward to share the rest with you ingame.



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  • Sapphire

Hello. Welcome.

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  • MVP

Welcome Nemes! Looks like the beginning of a good story there. It will play out nicely in game.

Remember to post in a thread other than here or in the Off Topic Forums, so that your account is not pruned/deleted for inactivity. You have 30 days to do this. Be sure to jump in the forums in general so that you can get to know the community and we can get to know more about you.

Again, welcome and have a good time out there :)

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