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That Moment


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Don't know if this exists, so I'm doing it. I've searched around if there is a topic like this, but saw none, so yeah.

The reason of this shitty ass thread is to share what is "THAT MOMENT" for your.

Mine is when I try to joing the S1 server, and its full, I retry a bunch of times, but theres never a slot, so I close the game and enter the website just to see this:


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Have you ever tried to let steam automatically join you to the server when the slot is free? :P

There's the password thing, so it's pretty bad.

It doesn't matter. You can easily do this with password as well. Sorry if my english will be bad during this explanation - first you need to add server to your favourites. Then while the game is still launched you need to click RMB on steam icon on task bar and click "Servers". You'll see full list of the servers and you need to pick "favourites" and then find DayZRP servers. Click LMB on it 2 times and then enter the password. Of course, you probably won't join because server is full but there is solution to this. Pick "Auto-Retry" and choose "Join the server when the player slot is available". After that all you need to do is wait until steam will automatically join you to the server. :)

If you can't understand me because of my english skills or maybe my explanation is too chaotic or something then try to watch this video on YouTube. It should help.

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  • Sapphire

That moment when you see a NATO heli wreck and find nothing but damaged wellies.

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That moment when you put your heart and soul into rp and someone type oocly //your mic is acting up, cant hear you

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  • Sapphire

that moment when you initiate on someone and you get hit with that "//permission to leave soon?"

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