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BadRP appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

According to Brad's explanation of why these warning points were given to me, the biggest issue GMs/Admins found was the "lack of RP" leading up to the execution. My argument is that, personally, I didn't see the need to RP all that much considering the rest of our clan had just spent the past 6-7 mins RPing with Khan's character; my role in that situation was executioner, and so that's what I did.

Unless you're saying that our RP as a whole was lackluster or "badRP", I don't see why my personal RP is being singled out and criticised. Surely I would've thought that our RP as a group would've been judged for the report... as an alternative example, if someone stood in the corner for an entire situation and was then instructed to execute someone by their superior, I don't see how that person could be validly convicted for badRP. This is essentially what happened in this situation - my job or role was that of the executioner, and so that's what I did.

There are also multiple other quotes from Brad's explanation of the points that I took issue with. For example,

You execute someone for simply being apart of ZBOR.  Perhaps the hostilities between the groups is strong, perhaps there is history there.  However there is zero history between the person executed here and the person doing the executing.

I didn't and have never thought that "knowing the person" or "having history with an individual" was necessary in order to execute them - even the rules state that execution must simply be "justified and role-played"... does Khan's character's membership of ZBOR not give us execution rights? Are weeks of hostilities with the group an individual is a part of not enough to warrant execution on said individual? 


If you wanted to send a message to Zbor, why execute the man?  Why not torture him, why not tell him the error in his ways, see if he will leave their group?  The fact of the matter is there was no Roleplay involved here that didn't involve swinging a sword.  If you had the leader of ZBOR or someone you had multiple encounters with then perhaps the execution could have been warranted greatly, but you would STILL be required to roleplay it out rather than spend a minute telling him what you were going to do and then proceeding to do so.

Specifically the "if you had the leader of ZBOR" line seems to be a little ridiculous... Khan's character, Borislav Nesky, is ZBOR's Head of Government... I mean sure, he's not the leader per se, but he's definitely pretty high up in the chain of command. All things considered, I can't imagine the Head of Government would've been someone to realise the "error of his ways" considering his position within the group. Sending a message to ZBOR by killing (or, considering he wasn't permadeathed, "seriously injuring") a high-ranking member of their group seemed to be the best way to do it.

It isn't like we (as a group) haven't attempted to reason with members of ZBOR before - we've tortured them in the past, and even let some go... I mean, one time we captured five, executed four, and told the last that if ZBOR didn't cut the shit (wanting us out of the summit, branding us terrorists) we'd continue the war. Needless to say, a day or two later both Vic and Dougie were captured and Vic was executed - I'm pretty Dougie had the shit beaten out of him but I guess that's neither here nor there... we gave them a chance, and they spat in our face.

I'll admit that the RP might've been a little bit rushed - and of course being in an active firefight is really no excuse where delivering solid RP is concerned - but, as I've said, my role in the situation was that of an executioner. ZBOR, Wolves, Reapers, all of these would be aware that our usual execution consists of beating someone to death with (usually) a baseball bat and usually either myself or TheJuggernut holds this role. Again, I don't see why my RP is being singled out when our group's RP was ample in the situation.

Executions should be last resort, when all other RP has been exhausted.  In this case, there were plently of oppurtunties to continue the RP that did not involve his death.  If you felt it was vital to what you were doing you could have asked for permission to execute, however you did not, and his RP suffered because of it.

You chose killing a member of a group simply because he had joined the group rather than roleplaying the situation out, for this reason you will be receiving a Bad RP punishment.

I disagree, considering the circumstances. "Permission to execute" has never been enforced and should never be enforced - realistically, who wants their character to die? Nobody really likes regearing, but in a zombie apocalypse game where you're RPing as survivors and you're literally in a war with other survivors, plus you're like co-leader of one of the groups they hate I don't think you can really claim to be surprised when you're executed.

RP could've been continued, but then all RP could be continued. We could've tried trading him or something (considering his rank)... but considering our history with ZBOR, I doubt they'd extend to us the same opportunity. We're literally in a war with these guys - why would we spare in a single one of them? Executing Khan was the only thing we really could do considering the circumstances, so that's exactly what we did. 

All of the options were weighed up and it seems like we're being judged for doing something "for the lols" or something - just because all you saw was a minute of RP, that doesn't mean that we weren't talking in TS or deciding exactly what to do with his character.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:


What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Removal of points, possibly removal of ban time. Also maybe clarification of execution rules if "knowing the individual" is against the rules or something.

What could you have done better?:

RPed with Khan's character before executing him.

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After looking over the evidence, the verdict itself and your counter-arguments, we have decided that we will be denying this appeal.

The video starts when the hostage is being interrogated. The roleplay during this time was fine and was building toward some good character development as well as in-character knowledge being gained.

Once you begin to come closer to the hostage situation, the roleplay slows down and you are handed the reigns to take over and provide roleplay for the hostage. At this point in time, when you are given the position to take over the situation, you end it prematurely with an execution.

Executions are and always have been suggested as a last resort in a situation. You had the opportunity to continue the interrogation so you could gain more information as well as an opportunity to torture the hostage as a way of gaining more information if they were not willing to hand it over.

You claim to have executed the hostage so that you could send a message to the members of ZBOR. While doing so, the message you wanted to send can easily be misinterpreted as there was no clear message to portray your ideals and orders. With the execution, you ended the opportunity for further roleplay that could have included character development and storyline development.

if someone stood in the corner for an entire situation and was then instructed to execute someone by their superior, I don't see how that person could be validly convicted for badRP.

The issue with the situation you provided above is that it does not relate to this situation in the slightest. In your scenario, the person would have been present for the roleplay encounter as well as having a much better understanding of if more information is required before an execution would be justifiable. In the situation that lead to your ban, you were not present for the encounter. Before you arrived, there was an active interrogation in which the hostage takers were doing a good job at gaining information to help your group in their hostilities toward ZBOR. Once you had arrived, that interrogation was interrupted and the encounter was swiftly ended due to the execution. There was no roleplay build up and there was no character/storyline development once you arrived to the situation.

Roleplay is a two way street. You must provide an enjoyable experience for the person you're roleplaying with whether they are your hostage or not. In this situation, you interrupted roleplay for an execution that was more-or-less unwarranted.

As a result, the following applies:


Appeal Denied - No action taken

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