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Hello I'm SNA!

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Hey my names ShortNAnnoying or SNA for short! I've been playing dayz for a while and stumbled acros this game mode, it looks absolutely amazing and I hope the community is as good as the mod, anyway here's a little bit about myself and my character

My name in real life is Cade and I enjoy music thoroughly and serious Rp online not that Larp crap :3 but I gotta say those costumes are pretty badass! I've been a gamer most of my life I started playing on the snes and genesis when I was 2 and just fell in loving with gaming I still have an odyssey and my snes to this day! And play on it now and then..

My character In the game is called Cade Excell based on my name :) my backstory involves me moving to the country my mothers homeland but the zombie outbreak occurs and my father takes the ultimate sacrifice to save me and my mother, a year later we leave the trading post for electro and are ambushed along the way and our stuff is stolen and my mother is kidnapped, I am then left to Treck from tulga to electro and end up in the hospital where I leave my notepad and my Rp begins!

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